In Design: Rockbridge County - Route 606 (Raphine Road) at I-81 Exit 205 Improvements


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This project is intended to reduce existing traffic congestion and increase safety at the interchange of Route 606 (Raphine Road) and Interstate 81 at Exit 205 (Raphine/Steeles Tavern) in Rockbridge County. There are several travel centers and other businesses in the vicinity of this interchange  

The proposed plans include improvements to the roadway shoulders, intersections and turn lanes associated with the I-81 on- and off-ramps at exit 205. The I-81 northbound and southbound off-ramps would be widened and would have separate right and left turn lanes onto Route 606.

This project does not include replacement of the I-81 northbound and southbound bridges over Route 606.

In 2018 Route 606 had an average daily traffic count of 5,650 vehicles. By the design year of 2043 the estimated average daily traffic volume is 7,040 vehicles. In 2018 the Interstate 81 northbound and southbound off-ramps had an average daily traffic count of 3,010 and 3,120 vehicles, respectively. By the design year of 2043 the estimated average daily traffic volume is 3,750 and 3,890 vehicles.

The total estimated cost for this project is $2.4 million, including $250,000 for preliminary engineering, $800,000 for right of way and $1.4 million for construction.

*This project was selected for funding under SMART SCALE, the new prioritization process as outlined in House Bill Two. Click here for more information on the prioritization process.


This project will make numerous intersection improvements at the Route 606/I-81 exit 205, which will reduce congestion in the area of this congested interchange.

Major Milestones 

Project plan approval: Spring 2019
Right of Way acquisition: Late 2019
Construction advertisement: Spring 2021


Contact Info:

Thomas Marando, P.E.

Project Photos

UPC: 109370

State ID: 0606-081-815, P101, R201, M501

Federal ID: STP-081-8(048)

Long/Lat: 37.931731, -79.229071

Locality: Rockbridge

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Route 606 at I-81 Exit 205

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