Recently Completed: Rockbridge County – I-64 Bridges over Maury River

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The old Interstate 64 bridges over the Maury River and Kerrs Creek in Rockbridge County were designed in 1969 and built in 1976. These two bridges carry eastbound and westbound traffic on I-64 in the Lexington area. The bridges have a steel frame support and are called delta frame bridges. This is due to the shape of the structural steel support frame, which is an inverted triangle or Greek letter delta.

This project will rehabilitate the two bridges by repairing the structural steel frames, and replacing the deck, reconstructing abutments and providing slope work protection.

This project has earned $15.5 million in federal grants under the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) program. The grant program aims to protect critical transportation infrastructure while connecting communities and fostering growth in the regional economy. I-64 is vital to freight traffic, providing the only interstate connection between Hampton Roads ports and the western Virginia markets and the United States.

To view the TIGER Grant announcement from Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez, click here:

Each bridge is 845-feet long and 43-feet wide.  Roadway width is 39 feet.


Completion of this rehabilitation project will allow the bridges to remain open in the coming years and extend their life-cycle by 50 years.  Over $20 million is saved on this project due to rehabilitation of the bridges rather than replacing them.

The I-64 East/West corridor has been identified as a corridor of statewide significance in the Virginia Long-Range Multimodal Transportation Plan and is part of the Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA) national network and the National Highway System (NHS).


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Stephan Ball

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UPC: 98287

State ID: 0064-081-753,P101, B655, B654

Federal ID: BR-BR08 (305)

Lat/Long: 37.814444, -79.440000

Locality: Rockbridge

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