Recently Completed: Rockingham County - Route 867 (North River Road) Pleasant Run Bridge

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This project replaced the deteriorated Pleasant Run bridge on Route 867 (North River Road) in Rockingham County, about a quarter-mile west of Route 693 (Fairview Road).

The old bridge had a single 13-foot-wide lane and a posted weight limit of 25 tons. The adjacent roadway had two nine-foot lanes with narrow shoulders and ditches. The new bridge has two 10-foot lanes and two-foot shoulders. The bridge was built slightly to the south in order to improve the roadway alignment and bridge approaches.

The traffic volume at this location in 2010 was 360 vehicles per day. The projected traffic volume in 2039 is 500 vehicles per day, of which four percent will be trucks.

The total estimated cost for this project is $1.8 million, including $625,000 for preliminary engineering, $150,000 for right of way and $1.05 million for construction.


Safety in the area has been improved with a new structure that will serve modern traffic with wider lanes.


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Wayne Nolde

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UPC: 90183

State ID: 0867-082-718,P101, R201, M501, B685

Federal ID: BR-5115(157), BR-5115(158), BR-5115(159)

Lat/Long: 38.346667, -78.925278

Locality: Rockingham

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