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Rockingham County – Route 280 Southeast Connector

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Project at a Glance

Begin Date
Contract Awarded May 8, 2013

Est Completion Date
November 2014

Contract Value $4,552,339

Lengths and Limits
0.613-mile long; From: 0.107 Miles West of Harrisonburg City Limits To: 0.506 Miles East of Harrisonburg City Limits

Perry Engineering Company Inc.



Wayne Nolde, P.E.

Project Details

This project is based on Candidate Build Alternative 4 (CBA 4) from the Harrisonburg Southeast Connector (HSEC) Location Study. CBA 4 is one of two 500 foot corridors approved by Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB). The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Record of Decision (ROD) for this location study was issued December 21, 2007. CBA 4 is a 3.1 mile section from the Harrisonburg City Limits at Route 726 to Route 33 south of Route 704. This proposed facility is intended to provide vital east to west mobility in a region that is experiencing tremendous growth.

The project is 0.6-mile long and extends from 0.1 mile west of the Harrisonburg City limits to 0.5 mile east of the Harrisonburg City limits.

The majority of this roadway will be on new location with intersections at several other routes, including Route 726 (Stone Spring Road), Route 253 (Port Republic Road), Route 710 (Reservoir Street), Route 704 (Boyers Road) and Route 33. It will be a four lane divided Urban Minor Arterial roadway over rolling terrain with a 50 mile-per-hour design speed. It will have 12-foot lanes with 10-foot shoulders that include eight-foot wide paved shoulders and a 16-foot raised median. 

The road ties into a City of Harrisonburg project which widens Stone Spring Road to five lanes out to the Rockingham County limits. This project continues the multi-lane facility east through Rockingham County until it intersects with Route 33.

The total estimated cost for this project is $10,185,960 with $1,081,498 for preliminary engineering, $2,413,405 for right of way activities, and $6,691,057 for construction.

Construction began in spring 2013 and completed in November 2014.

The average daily traffic volume on Stone Spring Road (Route 726) is 3,800 vehicles per day.  Route 280 is projected to have 19,000 vehicles per day in the year 2034.

What’s Next

Construction began in spring 2013 and was completed in fall 2014.

Media and Public Events

April 27, 2011, 4-7 p.m.
Design Public Hearing
Rockingham County Administration Center
Community Development Meeting Room
20 East Gay Street
Harrisonburg, VA  22802

Citizens can come in during the meeting hours and discuss the project on a one-on-one basis with VDOT officials and designers. Written comments can be submitted at the meeting or within 10 days after the meeting date to Mr. John-Allen Ennis, P.E. Virginia Department of Transportation, 811 Commerce Road, Staunton, VA  24401-9029. Oral comments can be recorded at the meeting with the assistance of a court reporter

Click here for public hearing press release

Benefits of Project

This project will enhance east-west traffic in Rockingham County south of Harrisonburg and improve access to the new Rockingham Memorial Hospital site.

During Construction

Most of the construction is on new location and will not disrupt traffic.  At points where the project ties into existing roadways, motorists should be alert for lane closures and flagging operations.

Traffic Alerts

Motorists should be alert for traffic-pattern changes in November 2014 as the new four-lane roadway opens between Peach Grove Avenue and Route 253 (Port Republic Road).


Traffic alerts can also be found on the VDOT website under Travel Center, Travel advisories and lane closures. Click on the area of the state you are interested in, and view current travel advisories and lane closures. Click here to go to the Staunton District Travel Center page:  Staunton District


Real-time traffic information is available on the VDOT website and also by calling 511 on your landline or wireless phone.  Click here to go to 511:  Virginia 511 Web

Project Numbers

State Project: R000-082-705,P101, R201
Federal Project: STP-082-039
UPC:  85228

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