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Warren County – Quadrant Roadway Intersection (QRI) - Route 340/522 and Route 55

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Cliff Balderson

QRI Location

The QRI project in Warren County is located at the Route 55 (Strasburg Road) and Route 340/522 (North Shenandoah Avenue) intersection. The quarter loop is named Quadrant Road.

Route 55 is an east-west highway. Familiar landmarks are A.S. Rhodes Elementary School on the western side of this intersection and Riverton United Methodist and Greater Joy Baptist churches on the eastern side.

Route 340/522 is a north-south roadway with Interstate 66 located north and the Town of Front Royal located south of this intersection.

Driving Through the QRI

Videos and directional information:

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QRI - Quadrant Roadway Intersection: An Innovative Intersection Design

Innovative intersections enable more efficient traffic flow. The Federal Highway Administration has sanctioned several design standards including the Quadrant Roadway Intersection (QRI).

Today’s road designs are emerging from standards set in the mid-20th Century. In the last 60 to 70 years communities have grown and traffic patterns have changed. Innovative intersection designs are experiencing increased popularity in the 21st century as solutions to intersections with extensive traffic backups.

More information about VDOT's Innovative Intersection program is available at this link:

Warren County QRI

The Warren County QRI is part of the South Fork Bridge construction project, which brings sustainable bridge construction that potentially will last a century before replacement is needed. The QRI is an innovative cost-effective solution for a congested traffic area, where it offers the following benefits over a conventional four-way signalized intersection:

  • Keeps more vehicles moving.
  • Provides fewer delays and more “green light” time for north-south traffic, which is the dominant traffic pattern at this intersection.
  • Handles 5-15% more traffic volume, and reduces travel time by 5-20%. (Source: Federal Highway Administration)

The QRI protects the nearby historic district by increasing the intersection’s service life, thus delaying further construction that could impact designated historic sites. Current and future transportation conditions require continued thoughtful and efficient planning.

All traffic signals on the bridge, at the QRI and at Duck Street will be coordinated to minimize travel times through the intersection area of Route 340/522 and Route 55.

The speed limit through the QRI area is 35 miles per hour. The speed limit on Quadrant Road is 25 miles per hour.

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