Fall 2015 Transportation Meetings


Virginia State Six-Year Improvement Program: Driving Virginia's Economy

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Meeting Materials  

The handouts and displays used at each of the meetings are below: 

Fall Transportation Meeting Handouts (PDF)

Fall Transportation Meeting Displays

    • House Bill 2 (HB2) Displays

      We would like your feedback on the project applications submitted for HB2 that are most important to you. Using the interactive map, or the district maps, you can obtain additional information about each project. Comments will be accepted until Dec. 11, 2015. For more information on HB2 visit http://www.virginiahb2.org/.
    • Statewide HB2 Project Applications Map

      The interactive map provides the locations of all HB2 project applications received and the funding programs they applied for. The project data has not been validated.
    • District HB2 Project Application Maps (PDF)

      The district maps provide the locations of the HB2 project applications received in each district and the funding programs they applied for. Use the HB2 submitted applications project listing or the specific district project application listing next to the district map to cross reference application IDs included on the map with project information included on the project listing.


MapApplication Listing
  Bristol Map Application Listing
  Culpeper Map Application Listing
  Fredericksburg Map Application Listing
  Hampton Roads Map Application Listing
  Lynchburg Map Application Listing
  Northern Virginia Map Application Listing
  Richmond Map Application Listing 1
Application Listing 2
  Salem Map Application Listing
  Staunton Map Application Listing


  • Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment Displays

    The VTrans2040 Plan consists of (a) a Vision plan with accompanying trends assessments, (b) a 2025 Multimodal Transportation Needs Assessments for the Corridors of Statewide Significance, Regional Networks, and Urban Development Areas, and (c) a 2040 Statewide Scenario Assessment. The first two elements are in their draft final stages awaiting adoption by the Commonwealth Transportation Board, and are available at www.vtrans.org. However, the third element, the 2040 Scenario Assessment, is still at an early stage of development.

    VTrans 2040 Plan (PDF, 4.5 MB)
    This display is being used at the VDOT Fall Meetings to explain the scenario planning process overall and to get input on potential scenarios to be tested.

    We would like your input on how important and how uncertain each trend is in your eyes.  The participants at the Fall Meetings were asked to place dots on the chart areas next to each trend to register their opinions on the relative uncertainty and importance of each trend. It is anticipated that the trends that rate as both more important and more uncertain will be the most critical to test in the 2040 scenario testing. If you’d like to participate, please send comments related to this exercise or comments on VTrans as a whole to StatewidePlans@governor.virginia.gov or send to 600 E. Main Street Suite 2120, Richmond VA 23219, or call 804 786 0481.
  • Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) Displays (PDF)

    DRPT is a state agency that focuses on the movement of people and goods throughout the commonwealth. Our primary areas of activity are rail, public transportation, and commuter services. DRPT works with local, regional, state and federal governments, as well as private entities, to provide support for projects and programs.
  • Virginia Office of Public Private Partnerships (VAP3) Displays (PDF)

Virginia Public Private Partnerships (5 MB)
This display summarizes the importance of the PPTA (P3) legislation to the commonwealth’s economy in terms of creating investment opportunities and delivering transportation services; the guiding principles for transportation related P3s in the commonwealth; namely: public engagement, transparency; and competition and the positive results that transportation related P3 projects have had for small and local businesses in the commonwealth.

Draft 2015 Virginia P3 Project Pipeline (241 KB)
The draft 2015 P3 Pipeline of Projects lists P3 projects under review including conceptual and candidate P3 projects and projects undergoing screening for development as P3s.



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