Six-Year Improvement Program

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Section 33.2-361 of the Code of Virginia requires that a public hearing be held prior to the allocation of any transportation funds. The Six-Year Improvement Program (SYIP) is a document that outlines planned spending for transportation projects proposed for construction development or study for the next six years.  

The SYIP is updated annually and is the means by which the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) meets its statutory obligation under the Code of Virginia to allocate funds to interstate, primary, secondary and urban highway systems, public transit, ports and airports and other programs for the immediate fiscal year.  

The SYIP also identifies planned program funding for the succeeding five fiscal years.  

The CTB allocates funds for the first fiscal year of the SYIP but the remaining five years are estimates of future allocations. Fiscal years start on July 1 and end on June 30. 

The CTB updates the SYIP each year as revenue estimates are updated, priorities are revised, project schedules and costs change, and study results are known.  

The CTB allocates project funds to:

  • Fund deficits on current project phases

  • Maximize use of federal funds to meet federal strategy

  • Fund  project phases under way, as well as project phases that start in the current federal fiscal year

  • Fund deficient bridges and paving projects

  • Fund Appalachian Development Highway System planned projects with an average of 4% of total federal maintenance and construction funds over the six years

  • Fund deficient bridges with an average of 13% of total federal maintenance and construction funds over the six years

  • Increase funding for preliminary engineering

  • Support development of public-private partnerships

  • Allocate funds consistent with planned obligations and expenditures

  • Redirect inactive balances on projects

Development of the SYIP begins in the fall and the Virginia Department of Transportation hosts a series of meetings seeking public comment with various other multi-modal transportation agencies. The 2014 Fall Transportation Meetings have not yet been scheduled. More information will be coming soon.

Each Spring, a DRAFT SYIP is presented to the CTB and made available for public comment. 

Comment on the Six-Year Improvement Program 

You may comment in several ways and throughout the year. You may attend one of the public hearings or you may contact VDOT or DRPT.  

Mail VDOT project comments to: 

Programming Director 
Virginia Department of Transportation
1401 East Broad St. 
Richmond, VA 23219 


Email your comments to

Mail DRPT project comments to: 

Public Information Office 
VA Dept. of Rail and Public Transportation 
600 E. Main St., Suite 2102
Richmond, VA 23219


Email at

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