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Virginia Beach/Norfolk HOV Lanes

Whether you're heading to the beach or to the world's largest naval base, the Virginia Beach/Norfolk HOV lanes help you bypass traffic.

With roadways quickly reaching capacity, HOV lanes were constructed to connect Virginia Beach with Naval Base Norfolk (I-64, I-264 and I-564) in order to help ease traffic congestion for everyone -- locals, military personnel and tourists.

Sharing a ride and using the HOV lanes even once or twice a week makes a difference.

HOV lanes allow motorists to travel faster, while also freeing up congestion in regular lanes.

If you want to take the HOV lanes and are interested in starting a carpool or vanpool, call TRAFFIX at 1-800-700-RIDE. TRAFFIX, the regional commuter's resource for transportation alternatives, has a rideshare database that can help match you with riders who have similar commutes.

During peak traffic hours in Virginia Beach-Norfolk Virginia:

  • HOV lanes carry nearly 12,000 people each weekday, taking as many as 12,000 vehicles out of the regular lanes each weekday.


  • Ridesharers save up to $2,000 per year in gas, maintenance, insurance and other commute costs.


  • At full capacity, our area's HOV-2 lanes can move the same volume of passengers as four freeway regular lanes.


Any questions?

Contact the Hampton Roads VDOT at: hamptonroadsinfo@vdot.virginia.gov

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