Hampton Roads Commuter Resources

Getting to and from work in Hampton Roads can often be a challenge. That's why we've gathered region-specific information and tools to help you make the most of your commute.


Bridges and tunnels

  • For general information go to Hampton Road Bridges and Tunnels.
  • You can also tune into VDOT's low-power Highway Advisory Radio AM 610 for tunnel information. The signal travels in a five- to seven-mile-radius of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, the Downtown Tunnel in Norfolk, I-264 at Lynnhaven Parkway, Route 168 at the Route 168 Bypass, I-664 at College Drive and I-64 at Exit 242 (Water Country). 



HOV lanes are one of the best ways to make your commute easier. Learn more about how and when to use them, plus find out how to start or join a carpool.

Jamestown FerryFerry information  offers links and telephone numbers for information on ferry services available in Virginia.

Park and Ride lot locations and information

Commuter links

Page last modified: Feb. 23, 2016