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How do I find a P&R lot near me?

Use this online Park & Ride Lot resource center. Click here for three easy ways to find a P&R lot near you. 

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Is there a cost to use a P&R lot?

Most P&R lots are free; however not all are. Use your mouse to click on a map droplet and open the information box for your lot. If there is a fee, it will be shown. If there is a charge to use a lot and you would like more information, contact the commuter resource agency near you.

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How long can I leave my car at a P&R lot?

If overnight parking is prohibited at a lot, signs will be posted indicating so.

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Does transit come to my P&R lot?

Transit serves many of the P&R lots around the state. To see if your lot is served, click open the information box for your lot by clicking on a map droplet.

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How do I get from the P&R lot to work or school?

There are several ways to complete your commute. Use your mouse to click on the map droplet and open the information box for your lot to find information on transit service. Information is also provided regarding bike parking accommodations (racks or lockers). Contact DRPT or your regional commuter resource agency to obtain information on carpooling and vanpooling.

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My P&R lot is full (or overfull) every day. What can be done?

VDOT tries to stay abreast of the status and capacity of the P&R lots, but we can always use your help. If you need to find a different lot because the one you use is full, use one of the search functions. If you have information to share about the lot you use, email

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There is a maintenance issue at my P&R lot. What do I do?

If you need to report an issue, email

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How does VDOT determine where new P&R lots should be?

VDOT completed a Park and Ride Lot Inventory and Usage Study in early 2013. As part of the study, VDOT updated the inventory of existing P&R lots, defined a methodology for determining additional P&R needs, and then identified where new or expanded lots should be located. Further analysis is being conducted to determine exact locations, cost estimates and potential funding sources for future lots. This analysis will be complete by July, 2014.


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Who decides where a P&R lot is built?

VDOT works with local, regional and state planning and rideshare agencies to plan P&R lot locations.

Some P&R lots take years to plan.

First, the particular commuter corridor is reviewed to determine traffic demand, type of users/commuters and the projected future demand. If most planning variables point to the need for a P&R lot, VDOT works with local and regional planning bodies to identify potential locations.

From there, the processes of securing funding, real estate and configuring the design, infrastructure and necessary amenities begins.

Other P&R lots exist throughout the state and do not undergo the typical planning process. Instead, they are formed on an ad hoc basis.

These P&R lots are lots where commuters know they are allowed to park and do so regularly, but the lot is not designated specifically or only for Park & Ride use. Often times, permission to use the lot is given by the land owner, but no written agreement between the land owner and locality, VDOT or other agency is signed. VDOT is interested in watching where these more informal P&R lots develop as they sometimes indicate a need to construct a P&R lot.

Various materials used in the planning of P&R lots are included in this site: P&R Lot Policy & Planning Materials (For TDM organizations. Logon required). If you need a user ID, just email

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Who maintains P&R lots?

VDOT maintains all VDOT-owned P&R lots. Other entities, such as localities, transit agencies or other land owners, maintain P&R lots as well. To report a maintenance need, email .

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How do I suggest where a P&R lot should be built?

You can always offer your advice on where you think a new P&R lot should be built. Click here to contact us by email.

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What are the 95 Express Lanes and how will they impact my travel on I-95? 

The HOV lanes on I-95 are being converted to the 95 Express Lanes.

The 95 Express Lanes are on schedule to open in early 2015. If you travel on I-95 or the I-95 HOV lanes, learn more about the project today.

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