Structure and Bridge Division

Bridge Construction Best Practices


1.1. Section 1. Subsurface 

1.1.1. Subsection 1. Materials Division Requirements
1.1.2. Subsection 2. S&B Division Requirements
1.1.3. Subsection 3. FHWA Guidance Documents Report No. FHWA NHI-06-088. Soils and Foundations Reference Manual – Volume I. Dated December 2006. Report No. FHWA NHI-06-089. Dated December 2006. Soils and Foundations Reference Manual – Volume II. Report No. FHWA ED-88-053. Dated August 1988 & Revised February 2003. CHECKLIST AND GUIDELINES FOR REVIEW OF GEOTECHNICAL REPORTS AND PRELIMINARY PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS. Report No. FHWA-NHI 18-024 GEC 010. Dated September 2018. Drilled Shafts: Construction Procedures and Design Methods. Report No. FHWA-NHI-16-009_FHWA GEC 012. Dated July 2016. Design and Construction of Driven Pile Foundations – Volumes I and II.

1.1.4. Subsection 4. Foundations PP Presentations BCIS. Bridge Foundations CITBC. Structure Excavation Shallow – spread footings PP Presentations CITBC. Spread Footings Deep Foundations – types of piling PP Presentations CITBC. Piles – Piles Driving CITBC. Drilled Shafts Drilled Shaft Seminar. Inspector’s insight for quality control. Videos Timber pile – Vibratory Driver, Vibratory Pile Driver Demo – Steel H-Pile, and Basic video on drilled shaft installation Drilled Shaft Construction by Association of Drilled Shaft Contractors (ADSC). 5 videos on Introduction, Construction, and Techniques for Excavating Drilled Shafts. 4 videos on Drill Rig Basics, Drill Tool Basics and Percussion Tools. 7 videos on Techniques for Maintaining Stability of Drilled Shafts. MnDOT Drilled Shaft Inspectors Workshop (2011). 13 videos developed by the Center for Drilled Shaft Engineering (CDSE) Miscellaneous videos on Drilled Shaft Installation. 3 videos   

1.2. Section 2. Causeways and Cofferdams 
1.2.1. Subsection 1. General
1.2.2. Subsection 2. PP Presentations BCIS. Environmental Perspective BCIS. Causeways, Work Bridges, Cofferdams and Pier Construction CITBC. Causeways and Cofferdams
1.3. Section 3. Substructure
1.3.1. Subsection 1. General  
1.3.2. Subsection 2. PP Presentations CITBC. Bridge Stakeout BCIS. Stakeout of Bridges & Box Culverts
1.3.3. Subsection 3. Abutments - S&B Division Requirements PP Presentations BCIS. Abutments, Riprap & Shoring CITBC. Abutments
1.3.4. Subsection 4. Piers & Bents – S&B Division Requirements PP Presentations CITBC. Pier Construction
1.4. Section 4. Superstructure
1.4.1. Subsection 1. S&B Division Requirements
1.4.2. Subsection 2. PP Presentations CITBC. Types of Bridges CITBC. Single or Multi-Span Bridges CITBC. Shop drawings  
1.4.3 Subsection 3. Videos Why Concrete Needs Reinforcement Top 10 Myths in Concrete Construction. Portland Cement Association
1.4.4. Subsection 4. Decks S&B Division Requirements. Part 2, Chapter 10 – Concrete Deck Slab (Design, Bolster, Placement Schedule and Elevation Layout & Notes) PP Presentations Proper Placement of Concrete Decks BCIS. Deck Forming - SIP Forms & Studs BCIS. Deck Forming - Overhang Bucks, Rails & Parapets BCIS. Bolsters for Steel Girder & Concrete Girder Structures BCIS. Bolsters for Prestressed Concrete Slabs & Box Beams BCIS. Deck and Overlay Pours CITBC. Forming of Bridge Decks (Forming, bolsters and overhangs) CITBC. Placement of Bridge Deck Concrete Videos Deck Placement – Screed Transverse Screed Setup – 4 Videos. NCDOT Communications Bidwell Paving. MODOT
1.4.5. Subsection 5. Reinforced Concrete S&B Division Requirements. Part 2 PP Presentations BCIS. Reinforcing Steel – Superstructure BCIS. Form Removal

1.4.6. Subsection 6. Prestressed Concrete S&B Division Requirements. S&B Division Manual, Part 2, Chapter 12 – Prestressed & Post-tensioned Concrete PP Presentations BCIS. Prestressed Concrete – Concept & Fabrication BCIS. Prestressed Concrete – Erection CITBC. Beams & Girders Reports FHWA Report. Post-Tensioning Tendon Installation & Grouting Manual Videos Replaceable Grouted External Post-Tensioned Tendons Electrically Isolated Tendons
1.4.7. Subsection 7. Steel S&B Requirements PP Presentations BCIS. Structurally Steel & Shop Drawings CITBC. Beams & Girders Welding Materials Division Requirements – Virginia Test Methods (VTM) VTM – 29. Radiographic Inspection of Groove Weld VTM – 31. Magnetic Particle Inspection of Fillet Weld VTM – 33. Visual Inspection of Fabricated Steel VTM – 44. Radiographic & Ultrasonic Inspection of Groove Welds of Railroad
                   Structures & Fracture Critical Members S&B Division Requirements PP Presentations Basic Welding Inspection for Field Engineers CITBC PP Presentation. Welding Reports FHWA Manual. Welding Inspection for Steel Bridge Fabrication. 1982 Chapters 1-6, Chapter 7 & Chapters 8-12 FHWA Report. Bridge Welding Manual. 2019 FHWA Memorandum. Use of Electroslag Welding in Highway
                   Bridges & Structures. 2018 Videos AISC Continuing Education Welding – Special Applications. (1:43:00 minutes) Welding Inspections: What Matters & What Doesn’t. (1:34:48 minutes) Practical Steel Metallurgy for the Structural Steel User. (1:31:53 minutes) Rules of Thumb for Steel Design. (45:53 minutes) Weld Details: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. (1:34:04 minutes) High Strength Bolting Materials Division Requirements. Virginia Test Methods. VTM – 135. Field
                Rotational Capacity Test (Acceptance Test of High Strength Bolts) S&B Division Requirements PP Presentations BCIS. High Strength Bolts CITBC. High Strength Bolts High Strength Bolting Inspection Procedures Using Turn-of-the-Nut Quality Control Turn-of-the-Nut & Rotational Capacity by Lynchburg District CITBC. Improper Bolting procedures Reports FHWA Report. High Strength Bolts for Bridges. 1991 Videos AISC Continuing Education High Strength Bolting. (1:34:50 minutes) Fastener fundamentals. (1:24:00 minutes) How a Bolt is Made. Portland Bolt & Manufacturing. (4:52) AISC Pre-Installation Verification. (4:23) Alta Vista Solutions - Rotational Capacity Test. (4:56) Applied Bolting Preinstallation Verification Test. (4:03) Applied Bolting High Strength Bolting. Tension vs Torque. (5:03) Applied Bolting DTIs and Squirter DTIs for Engineers. (4:11) Applied Bolting DTIs and Squirter DTIs for Inspectors. (4:40) Applied Bolting DTI Location – Nut Side Assembly. (5:00) Applied Bolting Squirter DTIs Oversized Holes. (5:26) Applied Bolting Hot Dipped and Mechanically Galvanized Fasteners. (7:15) Altra Steel – Turn of the Nut Method. (10:21) Use of the turn-of-nut method for slip-critical connections. Canam Group. (1:38) Painting PP Presentations CITBC. Bridge Painting Heat straightening Reports FHWA Report. Guide for Heat-Straightening of Damaged Steel Bridge Members FHWA Report. Heat-Straightening Repairs of Damaged Steel Bridge Members
1.4.8. Subsection 8. Bridge Bearings S&B Division Requirements. Manual Part 2, Chapter 13 – Bearings, PP Presentations BCIS. Bridge Bearings CITBC. Bearings
1.4.9. Subsection 9. Bridge Parapets and Railings S&B Division Requirements. Manual Part 2, Chapter 25 – Parapets/Rails/Medians/Sidewalks PP Presentations CITBC Parapets – Fencing
1.4.10. Subsection 10. Bridge Joints S&B Division Requirements. Manual Part 2, Chapter 14 - Joints PP Presentations 
1.5. Section 5. Bridge Materials
(timber, concrete, structural steel, reinforcing steel, prestressing steel, masonry, aluminum, fiber reinforced composites, and other.)  
1.5.1 Subsection 1. Materials Division Requirements. Manual of Instruction (MOI) Chapter 1: General Instructions. Section 112. Materials (General, With Inspection Seals, Without Inspection Seals, Handling on Job Site, Sampling, Sample Submittals, and Rejection). Chapter 4. Sampling & Control of Hydraulic Cement Concrete
1.5.2 Subsection 2. S&B Division Requirements Chapter 7 – Reinforcing Steel (Properties, ASTM Bar Markings, Schedule &
             Bending diagram, and Identification. Chapter 11 – Steel (General Information (Materials and ASTM A709
             Grade 50 CR Steel) Chapter 12 – Prestressed & Post-Tensioned Concrete. General Information
1.5.3. Subsection 3. PP Presentations BCIS. Materials Documentation & Record Keeping BCIS. Reinforcing Steel – Overview & Record Keeping BCIS. Hydraulic Cement Concrete CITBC. Reinforcing Steel for Bridges CITBC. Concrete
1.5.4. Subsection 4. Corrosion Resistant Reinforcing Steels (CRRS) Corrosion Resistant Reinforcing Steel, Class 1. Frequently Asked Questions Corrosion Resistant Reinforcing Steel, Class 3. Frequently Asked Questions
1.5.5. Subsection 5. Concrete Organizations Videos Different Informational videos. What is Concrete? Practical Engineering. When to Start Curing of Concrete. Best Time for Concrete Curing.
                   Civil Mentor. Concrete Clips. A series of informational videos developed by FHWA. Cement Manufacturing. Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCM). Blended Cements. Ensuring Durability Mechanisms and Mitigation. Engineering Concrete Mixtures for Performance. Admixture. Internal Curing. Workability. Real-Time Smoothness (RTS) Overview. FHWA Mobile Concrete Technology Center (MCTC). 
1.5.6. Subsection 6. Structural Steel Organizations
1.5.7. Subsection 7. Prestressed Concrete Organizations 
1.5.8. Subsection 8. FRP Composite Advantage website. A leading manufacturer of fiber reinforced
             composite products for bridges and marine environment applications. FRP Videos – Composite Advantage Booklet. FRP: Benefits, Products, Applications for Infrastructure. Booklet. Cantilever Sidewalk. eBook. Path to Pedestrian Safety on Bridges PP Presentations FRP Industry Efforts & Capabilities to Support PBES Deployment
1.5.9. Subsection 9. Timber
1.5.10. Subsection 10. Aluminum
1.5.11. Subsection 11. Other 
1.6. Section 6. Bridge Preservation
1.6.1. Subsection 1. S&B Division Requirements
1.6.2. Subsection 2. Materials Division Requirements
1.6.3. Subsection 3. FHWA Preservation Guidance FHWA Bridge Preservation Guide Video – FHWA Bridge Preservation Report on Techniques for Bridge Strengthening
1.6.4. Subsection 4. PP Presentations CITBC. Bridge Preservation Activities BCIS. Hazardous Materials Issues on Bridge Projects LTAP Bridge Preservation Training. 1 day long. Presented by Jeff Milton
             on February 8, 2019 Temporary Traffic Plate for Deck Joint Elimination Planning and Implementation of Effective Maintenance Practices: Key to
             Longer Service Life. 2009.
1.6.5. Subsection 5. Deck Patching
1.6.6. Subsection 6. Overlays PP Presentations CITBC. Rigid Overlays – Milling – Hydro-Demolition – Grooving CITBC. Bridge Deck Associated Work Milling and Hydro-Demolition Deck Surface Preparation for Rigid Concrete Overlays Hydro-Demolition. NCHRP 20-68A_Scan 18-01-2019-24_Response to Questions Video. Latex Modified Concrete (LMC) Installation on Bridge Decks
1.6.7. Subsection 7. Hydro-demolition for Superstructure Videos of Hydro-Demolition for Decks and other structural elements
1.6.8. Subsection 8. Hydro-Demolition for Substructures Videos of Hydro-Demolition for Substructures
1.6.9. Subsection 9. Deck Slab Closures
1.6.10. Subsection 10. Joints PP Presentations CITBC. Expansion Joint Replacement

1.7. Section 7. Culverts
1.7.1. Subsection 1. Materials Division Requirements
1.7.2. Subsection 2. S&B Division Requirements
1.7.3. Subsection 3. L& D Division Requirements
1.7.4. Subsection 4. PP Presentations BCIS. Precast Box Culverts & Precast Rigid Frames - Steve Malcolm – 2018 CITBC. Box Culverts PCAV. Precast Drainage Structure Stake Out Manual – VDOT D1-3, 4 Inlets - 201
1.7.5. Subsection 5. Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC) Video. Metal Culvert Repair with ECC. Published on Feb 7, 2019. H. Celik Ozyildirim, Ph.D., PE. and Mary Sharifiasl, EIT
1.7.6. Subsection 6. Pipe Jacking  
1.8. Section 8. Bridge Demolition

1.8.1. Subsection 1. Construction Division Requirements. Road and Bridge Specifications, Section 413 – Dismantling and Removing Existing Structures or Removing Portions of Existing Structures   
1.8.2. Subsection 2. NCHRP Synthesis 536, Bridge Demolition Practices. 2019
1.8.3. Subsection 3. PP Presentations BCIS. Hazardous Materials Issues on Bridge Projects (safety, waste, asbestos, lead-based paint, & demolition) – E. Brett Waller CITBC. Demolition 
1.8.4. Subsection 4. Videos. Conventional Demolition
1.8.5. Subsection 5. Videos. Bridge Demolition Using Explosives

1.9. Section 9. Different Types of Walls Associated with Bridges
1.9.1. Subsection 1. S&B Division Requirements
1.9.2. Subsection 2. FHWA Guidance Documents Report. Geotechnical Engineering Circular No. 7, Soil Nail Walls – Reference Manual. Dated February 2015 Report. Soil Nailing Field Inspectors Manual. Dated April 1994 Report. Design and Construction of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls and Reinforced Soil Slopes - Volume I and II Volume 1 covers Chapters 1 through 7 Volume II covers Chapters 8 through 11, References and Appendices
1.9.3. Subsection 3. PP Presentations CITBC. Earth Retaining Systems NOVA Megaprojects Program - Lessons Learned / Challenges - Structure and Bridge
Field Perspective. Fawaz K. Saraf, 2013
1.9.4. Subsection 4. Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls Industry Guidance Documents Reinforced Earth MSE Retaining Walls Quality Control Manuals for three types of MSE wall panels: Cruciform, Rectangular, and Square Quality Control Manual for T-Wall Retaining Wall System
1.9.5. Subsection 5.  Soil Nailed Walls
1.9.6. Subsection 6.  Reinforced Cantilever Walls

1.10. Section 10. Miscellaneous Structural Elements on Bridges
1.10.1. Subsection 1. Sound Walls Environmental Division Requirements S&B Division Requirements PP Presentations CITBC PP Presentation. Sound Walls. 2018
1.10.2. Subsection 2. Fencing/ Screening S&B Division Requirements
1.10.3. Subsection 3. Ancillary Structures S&B Division Requirements Traffic Engineering Division Requirements PP Presentations CITBC. Anchor Bolts Ancillary Structures. 2018
1.10.4. Subsection 4. Standpipes S&B Division Requirements
1.10.5. Subsection 5. Utilities S&B Division Requirements

2.1. Section 1. Minnesota DOT

2.1.1. Subsection 1. Bridge construction Inspection Training Program Bridge Construction Manual Two week Bridge Construction Inspection Training Course Sample Plans Used for the Training Course Recertification Manual

2.2. Section 2. Florida (FL) DOT
2.2.1. Subsection 1.
2.2.2. Subsection 2.

2.3. Section 3.  XX DOT 
2.3.1. Subsection 1.
2.3.2. Subsection 2.

3.1. Section 1.  PP Presentations

3.1.1. BCIS-16.  Field Perspective (demolition, structure excavation, piling, reinforcing steel & substructure, riprap & slope protection, structural steel, bridge decks, railings & parapets) - Steve Wright, Senior Construction Inspector – 2018.

3.2. Section 2.  Foundations 
3.3. Section 3. Pile Foundations
3.4. Section 4. Steel Construction 
3.4.1. Subsection 1. Erection of Structural Steel 
3.4.2. Subsection 2. High Strength Bolting 
3.4.3. Subsection 3. Field Welding 
3.4.4. Subsection 4. Heat straightening 
3.4.5. Subsection 5. Painting structural steel 
3.5. Section 5.  Concrete Construction  
3.5.1. Checklist Handling – Placing – Finishing and Curing of Concrete 
3.5.2. Checklist Falsework   
3.6. Section 6.  Prestressed Concrete Construction 
3.6.1. Checklist Erection of Prestressed Concrete Girders  
3.7. Section 7.  Bridge Deck Inspection  
3.7.1. Checklist Concrete Deck   
3.8. Section 8.  Bearings  
3.8.1. Checklist Bearings  
3.9. Section 9.  Preservation 
3.9.1. Check Points Concrete Deck Patching  
3.9.2. Check Points concrete Substructure & Concrete Beam End Repair
3.10. Section 10.  Walls Associated with Bridges 
3.10.1. Subsection 1. MSE Wall Shop Drawing Review Checklist  
3.10.2. Subsection 2. MSE Wall Construction Inspection Checklist
3.11. Section 11.  Miscellaneous 
3.11.1. Subsection 1.

4.1. Section 1. General
4.2. Section 2. S&B Division Requirements.
4.3. Section 3. FHWA Guidance.
4.3.1. Subsection 1. FHWA ABC Program.
4.3.2. Subsection 2. Accelerated Construction Technology Transfer (ACTT).    
4.3.3. Subsection 3. Highways for LIFE (HfL). HfL Videos. Driving Innovations 2010. A Daunting Challenge.    
4.3.4. Subsection 4. FHWA Center for Accelerating Innovation (CAI) Every Day Counts (EDC).      
4.3.5. Subsection 5. FHWA Reports, Presentations, and Videos on major components of Accelerated Bridge Construction. Report. Framework for Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems (PBES) Decision-Making. ABC Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Tool. PP Presentations Framework for Selecting Accelerated Bridge Construction Projects. Claude Napier. 2009. Multi-State ABC Decision Tool and Economic Modeling. Toni Doolen, PhD, School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering, Oregon State University. February 2011. Prefabricated Bridge Elements & Systems Report No. FHWA-IF-09-010. Connection Details for Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems. Dated March 30, 2009. Report No. FHWA-HIF-12-013. Accelerated Bridge Construction, Experience in Design, Fabrication and Erection of Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems. Dated November 1, 2011. Report No. FHWA-HIF-17-019. Engineering Design, Fabrication and Erection of Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems. Dated June 2013. Report No. FHWA-HIF-17-020. Contracting-Construction of Accelerated Bridge Construction Projects with PBES_06-2013. Dated June 2013. Website link. Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems Cost Study: Accelerated Bridge Construction Success Stories. FHWA Website. I-95 Bridge over James   River is one of the success stories. PP Presentation. Cost Comparisons between Conventional Bridge Construction and ABC. Mary Lou Rawls. March 10, 2010 Video. Accelerated Bridge Construction Using Precast Bridge Substructure Elements. Highways for LIFE Project Development Showcase. Legrange, Georgia. Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) Manual on Use of Self-Propelled Modular Transporters to Remove and Replace Bridges. Dated June 2007. Slide-in Bridge Construction Slide-in Bridge Construction Implementation Guide (SIBC). Dated December 2013. Iowa State University Institute for Transportation developed for FHWA six workshops/training courses on Slide-in Bridge Construction. Slide-in Bridge Construction Training Courses PP Presentations for six workshops/training courses PDF Handouts document with all presentation slides with instructor notes for all six workshops. Incremental Launching for ABC Video. Bridge construction - Incremental Launching - 3D Animation. Octavio Martins. Portugal. 2009 Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil-Integrated Bridge System (GRS-IBS). New Report. FHWA-HRT-17-080. Design and Construction Guidelines for Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil-Integrated Bridge Systems (GRS-IBS). June 2018.  Fact Sheet. The Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil–Integrated Bridge System (GRS–IBS). S&B Division Requirements for GRS–IBS. Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) Connections for Prefabricated Bridge Elements. Every Day Counts Website Videos Innovation Spotlight: UHPC UHPC: a Robust Solution for Highway Infrastructure Webinars FHWA EDC UHPC Webinar Recordings Wiss Janney Elstner Associates (WJE) Webinar Series Introduction to Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) UHPC Advances in Ultra-High-Performance Concrete.
4.4. Section 4. Second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) Solutions.
4.4.1. Video. SHRP2: Tools for the Road Ahead.
4.4.2. Overview Fact Sheet on SHRP2 Solutions.
4.4.3. R04 SRRP2 Info Sheet. Innovative Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal (R04).
4.4.4. Report. Innovative Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal (R04). SHRP2 Report S2-R04-RR-1. Innovative Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal (R04).
4.4.5. Report. Innovative Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal (R04) – ABC Toolkit 
4.4.6. R04 Videos. A demonstration project on US 6 over the Keg Creek near Council Bluffs, Iowa used the accelerated bridge construction standards.  
4.5. Section 5. PP Presentations and Videos used in ABC Workshops, HfL Showcases, EDC-1 Regional Summits, EDC Industry Presentations for LTAP       
4.5.1. Illinois I-270 ABC Workshop. April 2009. Workshop to brainstorm replacement options for EB & WB I-270 over Chain of Rocks Canal. Five Presentations. Case Studies of ABC-PBES Projects Involving Heavy Movers. Claude Napier. Coleman Bridge. Michael J. Abrahams. Major rehabilitation of Coleman Bridge. Hood Canal Approaches. Michael J. Abrahams. ABC – Barnhart Crane & Rigging. Mikal Ranneklev. Barnhart’s capabilities as a heavy lifter to support ABC. Four Barnhart videos on special equipment for heavy and large moves Cantilever Beams Frame Removal Heater Lift I-10 at Pensacola, FL. Movement of bridge spans using Self Propelled Goldhofer Trailers. How it will Work Brainstorming. Claude Napier.
4.5.2. Prefabricated Bridge Elements VDOT Workshop. Claude Napier. May 2009. Rapid Bridge Repair Techniques Workshop.
4.5.3. Highway for LIFE Ben Sawyer Bridge Showcase. April 28, 2010. Presentations Innovative Program Delivery in South Carolina. Bob Lee. Why Accelerated Bridge Construction, Why Now & How? Claude Napier. Traditional Versus Accelerated Bridge Construction. Anthony Fallaw. The Ben Sawyer Bridge Rehabilitation Project Highways for Life Showcase SCDOT Project Overview. Ben Sawyer Bridge Construction. Contractor Presentation. Hamrick. Videos HFL 2010 with music.wmv. Approaches to Accelerating Innovation for the American Driving Experience (Vanguard Technology and Technology Partnership and Demonstration Projects). PCL part 1. PCL Contractor Video. Construction of Approach Spans Parallel to Existing Bridge PCL part 2. PCL Contractor Video. Horizontal Slide of Existing and New 6-span Approaches each side of Swing Span and Float-out Old Swing Span and Float-in New Swing Span. Mass DOT’s Fast 14 Project, Innovation that Works. Replacement of 14 bridges in 10 to 12 weekends. 
4.5.4. Every Day Counts (EDC) Regional Summits. October – December 2010 (ABC) Accelerating Bridge Construction with Prefabricated Bridge Elements & Systems (EDC Plenary Session) 2010. Prefabricated Bridge Elements & Systems (PBES) Current State of the Technology. Claude Napier. 2010. PBES - Barriers to implementation. Mary Lou Rawls. 2010. Video. Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil-Integrated Bridge System (GRS-IBS).
4.5.5. EDC Industry Presentations for LTAP. February 2011. Five presentations: concrete, construction industry, FRP, lightweight concrete, and steel. Concrete Industry Efforts and Capabilities to Support PBES Deployment. Construction Industry Efforts and Capabilities to Support PBES Deployment. FRP Industry Efforts and Capabilities to Support PBES Deployment. Lightweight Concrete Benefits for PBES Deployment Modular Steel Bridge Concepts.    
4.5.6. Accelerating Bridge Construction with Prefabricated Bridge Elements & Systems (PBES). Claude Napier. 2011.    
4.5.7. Utah ABC Workshop. 3-27-2011. Every Day Counts ABC – Raising the Bar. Claude Napier. Videos. I-15CORE PG East. SPMT moved bridge span into place over EBL roadway. I-15CORE PG West. SPMT moved bridge span into place over WBL roadway. Phillipston YouTube 1_WMV V9. Rte. 2 over Route 2A, Phillipston, MA. First Massachusetts DOT Bridge Lift using Self Propelled Goldhofer Trailers. Riverside Draft Animation 122VO rev. I-93 over Riverside Ave. Bridge Replacement.
4.6. Section 6. Organizations Promoting ABC Methods and Technologies and Other ABC Documents  
4.6.1. Paper. History of ABC Implementation in U.S., Mary Lou Rawls. Updated 10-03-2015
4.6.2. Florida International University (FIU) Accelerated Bridge Construction-University Transportation Center (ABC-UTC) website is the best site for any ABC related material. ABC-UTC 2017-2018 ABC Highlights Report

5.1. Section 1. General
5.2. Section 2. FHWA Guidance Documents
5.2.1. Report. Specifications for the National Tunnel Inventory. July 2015
5.2.2. Report. Tunnel Operations, Maintenance, Inspection, and Evaluation (TOMIE) Manual. July 2015
5.2.3. Report. Technical Manual for Design and Construction of Road Tunnels - Civil Elements. December 2009 
5.3. Section 3. Other Documents
5.3.1. NCHRP Project 20-68A, Scan 09-05. Best Practices for Roadway Tunnel Design, Construction, Maintenance, Inspection, and Operations. April 2011

6.1. Section 1. General
6.2. Section 2. Traffic Engineering Division Requirements
6.3. Section 3. S&B Division Requirements  
6.3.1. Subsection 1. VDOT Manual. Dated June 30, 2014. Traffic Ancillary Structures Inventory and Inspection Manual.

6.4. Section 4. FHWA Guidance Documents
6.4.1. Subsection 1. Report. Guidelines for the Installation, Inspection, Maintenance and Repair of Structural Supports for Highway Signs, Luminaires, and Traffic Signals. March 2005
6.5. Section 5. PP Presentations
6.5.1. Subsection 1. CITBC. Anchor Bolts Ancillary Structure
6.6. Section 6. Other Documents
6.6.1. Subsection 1.

7.1. Section 1. General 
7.2. Section 2. PP Presentations
7.2.1. Quality Problems - Construction Inspector Training
          Adam Matteo - 2014.
7.2.2. CITBC Module 24. Improper Bolting procedures - 2018
7.2.3. High Strength Bolts – Pictures of Common Problems
          Marc Stecker – 2018

7.2.4. Culvert Wingwalls – Problem Areas – Prince Annor &
          Junyi Meng – 2019

7.2.5. Prestressed Concrete Pile NCR’s and Repair Discussions. VDOT
          Materials Structures Section – 2019.

7.3. Section 3. Photos    
7.4. Section 4. Other Documents

8.1. Section 1General 
8.2. Section 2Sources of Training  
8.2.1. Subsection 1.   Community College Workforce Alliance 2018 CITBC Course Agenda & Learning Objectives 2018 CITBC Course Presentation - Modules 1-34  
8.2.2. Subsection 2.  Staunton District: Bridge Construction Inspection School (BCIS) 2018 2018 BCIS Course Table of Contents 2018 BCIS Course Presentation - 30 Modules 
8.2.3. Subsection 3.  NHI Courses List of Bridge Specific Courses Link for NHI  
8.2.4. Subsection 4.  AASHTO TC3 List of Bridge Specific Courses - Word Document Link for AASHTO TC3 Technical Training – Construction 
8.2.5. Subsection 5.  NICET General Information on NICET Highway Construction Inspection Certification - Word Document Link for NICET – Highway Construction Inspection   
8.2.6. Subsection 6.  FHWA Resource Center Link for FHWA Virginia Division Link for FHWA Resource Center 
8.2.7. Subsection 7.  UVA Transportation Training Academy (UVA TTA) Link for UVA TTA Training  
8.2.8. Subsection 8.  Industry Offered Training Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC)      SSPC General Information Bridge Coating Inspector Program (Level 1 & 2 Certifications) - Word Document Bridge Coating Inspector Program National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) NACE General Information on Coating Inspection of Bridges (1 day) - Word Document NACE 1 day Bridge Course for coating inspection of bridges American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Training/Certification High Strength Bolt Training Companies  Lincoln Electric Lincoln Electric General Information on Introduction to Welding Course (5 days) - Word Document Lincoln Electric (educational materials, technical literature, and guides that provide hands-on welding lesson instruction, and CWI Prep Course) American Welding Society (AWS) General Information on AWS - CWI and ICC Welding Certification - Word Document AWS - CWI and ICC Welding Certification American Concrete Institute (ACI) ACI Concrete Field Technician Certification. Post-tensioning Institute (PTI) Certification of Plants Producing Unbonded Single Strand Tendons (Process Certification) PTI Post-tensioned System Certification Flyer.  PDF PTI Post-tensioned System Certification Flyer Updates PTI for updates on workshops and different certifications for field personnel American Segmental Bridge Institute (ASBI) ASBI Grouting Flyer ASBI Grouting Certification Program

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