The Virginia Department of Transportation and the Civil Rights Division have implemented new software that will require remote access to import and track certified payroll and DBE payments.

The system manages the Agency’s Labor, EEO, and DBE regulation requirements and provides contractors electronic access to submit certified payrolls and subcontractor/subconsultant payment information. It provides a faster, easier, and more accurate way for contractors and consultants to meet government reporting requirements.

If you have questions after reviewing the below information send an e-mail inquiry to and you will receive a response within 48 hours.

When will I have to start using the system?

The current target date is for contracts advertised after July 1, 2016. The low bidders will be contacted by the CRL Project Team to begin the process for access to the system for them and their subcontractors. If they were unable to attend one of the regional training sessions, training will be provided on an as needed basis.

Who will be required to use the system?

All prime contractors and subcontractors working on VDOT projects with federal funding will be required to use the system to submit certified payrolls. Prime contractors will also be required to submit payments to their DBE subcontractors for prompt payment verification. The subcontractors will now have an opportunity to confirm the payment information submitted by their prime contractors.

All prime contractors and subcontractors working on Locally Assisted projects, as well as professional consultants with professional services contracts will be required to submit payments to their DBE subconsultants. The DBE subconsultants will now have an opportunity to confirm the payment information submitted by their prime consultants. More guidance will be provided once VDOT managed projects have completed migration.

What do I need to know about the system?

The system is web-based and can be accessed from anywhere.  There are specifications listed below to ensure you are able to access the system once it is a requirement.

  • No cost to access the system or receive a Login-ID
  • Web based
  • Windows 7, 8 or newer
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, or 11
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer

Why do I have to use the system?

The system provides a faster, easier, and more accurate way for contractors and consultants to meet government reporting requirements. Once the system is in full production, prime contractors and subcontractors will NOT have to separately submit the following forms:

  • Certified Payroll (WH347)
  • C-56 – Certification of Payroll
  • C-28 – Wage report (labor rate forms)
  • C-57 – EEO requirement
  • C-63 – DBE/SWaM Reporting

Where is the system located?

The system is a web-based application and is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. All prime contractors / consultants and subcontractors / subconsultants will be granted access by request form. Only those firms with a required contract in the system should submit the Request Access form. Each firm will only see their specific contract information. There will only be one single sign-on process for multiple application access within the Agency.

Getting Started?

To develop your knowledge and understanding of the CRL system, please click the links below to access the Computer Based Training modules (CBTs). The interactive exercises and reference materials will walk you through the step by step processes for electronic Certified Payroll and DBE prompt pay reporting. There are separate modules for Navigation, Subcontractor Payments and Certified Payroll.

If you are having trouble downloading or viewing these CBTs, you may not have Acrobat Reader installed. Download the latest free Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe web site.

Computer Based Training - Getting Started
Computer Based Training - Payrolls
Computer Based Training - Payments
Computer Based Training Guide
Complete Users Guide
Request Access Form

There are three ways to submit certified payrolls electronically into the system:

  • Manually enter data into CRL – see attached document for a quick reference guide
  • Import payroll data by using CRL system payroll spreadsheet with XML converter tool (see more information below)
  • Convert payroll program data to an XML file to import into the system (see more information below)

XML Resource Kit - For contractors with payroll systems that will be extracting data to produce an XML file for uploading into CRL.  

XML Validator - For any contractor to validate XML files prior to uploading into CRL. This can be used for either the template/spreadsheet created XML files or XML extracts from vendor payroll systems.

Excel Template - For contractors without in-house payroll systems, Virginia DOT is providing an Excel Template for entry of up to 50 employee payrolls. The spreadsheet/template needs to be downloaded from this site to get started. Once populated users can keep payroll records by period and simply update the hours accordingly for subsequent pay periods.

Template Conversion Tool - Upon completion for a pay period users can convert the Virginia-provided template to XML for upload into CRL. The XML conversion utility is free to use and does not store any information. The site takes the Excel file, converts it and provides the correctly formatted XML file back to the contractor for upload into CRL.

Please note the generic spreadsheet provided by the website has not been customized for VDOT use. The VDOT customized spreadsheet is linked above (Excel Template).

The Civil Rights Division will continue to update this page with new information as it becomes available.

For informational purposes, the CRL Management System has been in full production at the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) since July 2013 and at the Ohio Department of Transportation in July 2015. Management for those DOTs has collaborated with software companies (some payroll software vendors) to accommodate working with the CRL Management System. I have listed firms below that have knowledge of the system and the requirements.

Payroll Software Vendors Successfully Creating XML Files For CRL

Company Name  Contact Person Email Address Main Phone 
Construction Solutions, LLC Cathy Haekenkamp - ComputerEase cathyh@csiwin 651-379-5737
Explorer Software Tony Pereira 847-725-0932
604-925-3560 Fax
800-665-8966 Ext 0932
Foundation Software Denise East 800-246-0800
Foundation Software Chris Urban 800-246-0800
Intersoft Systems, Inc. Bitsy Law 800-547-6429
Progressive Reports  David Hardy 971-223-3658
Sage Contractor 100 Steve - Techware 952-435-9700
Sage Contractor 100 Gary - Contract Business Tools 320-259-9866
Software Consultants Joe Lee - Timberline 651-307-2517
ViewPoint  Bill Wagnon 314-566-0906
Sunburst Software Solutions
(QuickBooks Software)
Nancy Smyth, president 888-348-2877


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