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Bridge Preservation   

  • Manual of Structure & Bridge Division, Part 2, Chapter 32. Maintenance and Repair. Establishes the practices and guidelines for Structure and Bridge Division for the Maintenance of VDOT’s highway structures.
  • CITBC Module 31. PP-Bridge Preservation Activities – 2018
  • BCIS-24. PP-Hazardous Materials Issues on Bridge Projects – E. Brett Waller – 2018
  • PP-Temporary Traffic Plate for Deck Joint Elimination – Bangfei Han – 2019 
  • FHWA Bridge Preservation Guide. Spring 2018. The guide defines bridge preservation terms and identifies commonly practiced bridge preservation activities. It also provides guidance on establishing or improving existing bridge preservation programs. Bridge preservation is eligible for Federal funding. Cost-effective preservation activities that extend the service life of a structure are eligible but routine maintenance is not eligible for Federal funding. (.pdf, 5.7 mb)
  • Video - FHWA Bridge Preservation. This video explains bridge preservation activities and which ones qualify for Federal funding. (8:25)

  • Report No. FHWA-HIF-18-041. Dated April 2019. Report on Techniques for Bridge Strengthening. The report provides information regarding new methods of strengthening bridges using both traditional materials and fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites. Several of the structural retrofit and strengthening techniques available to restore or add capacity to a bridge through rehabilitation or reconstruction include concrete jacketing, steel plate bonding, FRP strengthening, and external post-tensioning. This report’s primary focus is on the use of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites. Several new emerging bridge strengthening methods include (1) aluminum decks, (2) fiber-reinforced concrete decks, (3) fiber-reinforced composite decks, (4) member using of post-tensioning, (5) fiber reinforce polymers (FRP), (6) partial end restraint, and (5) bonded FRP laminates. New bridge strengthening methods developed since 1997 include (1) externally bonding FRP, (2) near-surface-mounting composites, (3) post-tensioning of FRPs, (4) fiber reinforced cementitious matrix as a strengthening system, (5) spray FRP as a strengthening system, and (6) column retrofitting with composites. (.pdf, 1.6 mb)

Deck Patching

Overlays. (Milling-hydro-demolition-deck patching-grooving) 


Videos of Hydro-demolition for Decks:

Deck Slab Closures


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