National Summer Transportation Institute Program

The National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTIP) is sponsored by the Virginia Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Hampton University and Virginia State University. 

The purpose of the institute is to provide career orientation and educational experiences to motivate secondary school students toward professions in the field of transportation. 

Participants spend four weeks on the campuses of Hampton University and Virginia State University and are able to attend the transportation program free of charge. The Institute is open to students attending public and private high schools across the state.

The institute is an extremely intense and structured learning opportunity for youth in the high school systems of Virginia. The curriculum exposes students to new frontiers and adventures such as highway design, transportation of people and cargo, intermodalism, laws, regulations, safety and career opportunities. 

In addition, students will participate in ACT preparation courses, computer training, academic enhancement activities, field trips and student projects.

Approximately 25 rising ninth, tenth and eleventh grade students will receive full scholarships to participate in the four-week summer program. 

Scholarships will include tuition, workshops and handouts, room and board for residential programs, facility usage, equipment and supplies, travel (field trips), lab fees and speakers.

For additional information on the National Summer Transportation Institute contact:

Hampton University

Virginia State University


Hampton University and Virginia State University Summer Transportation Institute


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