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Electronic Proposals and Plans via ProjectWise

Bentley ProjectWise provides full document management functionality and design collaboration between our business partners and VDOT.

Everyone in your firm that needs ProjectWise access will need to follow this process:

To establish ProjectWise access, you will need to complete the ITD-36E and LD-899 forms.

  • These forms will provide access to the VDOT portion of ProjectWise
  • The Proposal and EPLANS reside in VDOT's portion of ProjectWise
  • Bentley controls the accounts and passwords
  • VDOT CADD Support no longer has control of passwords

** If you create your Bentley account before submitting the two access forms to VDOT, you will receive this screen:
Page Not Found Error

That is OK and expected if you do not have an account; go ahead and submit the forms.  Links to the two forms are located below.

Forms (Please make sure you send the completed and signed forms to Location & Design / CADD Support Helpdesk for processing)

Logging into ProjectWise Web View

  • From the CABB page click on PROP or EPLANS link beside the order number
  • If you are already logged in, the final image will show up, if not logged, this screen will pop up:
    How do you want to open this link
  • Click the ProjectWise Web View link and login with the email address on file with Bentley.  Your view will appear like the last image.

    ProjectWise Web View

Send your questions and comments to the CADD Support Helpdesk.  A helpdesk ticket will be created and you will get a return email with an assigned case number.

Electronic Bidding

AASHTOWare Project Bids (APB) - Information and Instructional Videos available!  Replaces the software Expedite. 

Note: Bid Express and eVA are individual entities.

Please note that you must obtain a Digital ID with Bid Express and Request to Bid with VDOT in order to bid electronically. Email the Prequalification Office for pending requests to bid.

  • In regards to bids being totally electronic
  • Bid Express (Bidx) website
  • Notice to bidders regarding DBE procedures (Page includes a link for downloading instructions.)
  • Form C48 Adobe Reader
  • If you receive an error message while preparing your electronic C-24 (proposal guaranty) in Expedite for Bid Express due to a conflict of the contract ID between the electronic version and the front cover of the proposal, email (before 10 .am. on bid letting day) a hard copy of the C-24 with the Bond Validation Number at the bottom.
  • When sending DBE information, send it to:

    VDOT Contracts
    Virginia Department of Transportation
    12th floor, Construction Division
    1401 E. Broad St.
    Richmond, Virginia 23219  

    Or by email:

Regarding VSBEP Construction Projects

  • Small Business Enterprise Program Web page

Standard Consultant Procurements

Design Build RFQs/RFPs

Tier I and Tier II Cut-Off Dates and Guidelines

Present and Future Projects


Page last modified: March 22, 2023