Important Notice

April 12, 2005

To: All Bidders

Subject: New DBE Procedures

Last month, the new specification for section 110.04 titled Use of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) on Federal Aid Projects, became part of VDOT contracts. The new specification contained many new provisions including when and how contractors submit form C-111. The specification states that form C-111 may be submitted electronically (with the bid) or faxed in time to be received by the Contract Engineer not later then 2 hours after the time stated in the proposal for receipt of bids.

Due to technical difficulties, VDOT was not prepared to receive the information with the Internet bids in March. That has since been rectified and you can now submit the information with your electronic bid. For instructions on how to do this, visit the Construction and Maintenance Contracting web page on Look under the topic "Announcements" for Expedite DBE Commitments.

Many bidders were confused about when and where to fax form C-111 if they decided to go that route. Instead of as the specification states, two hours after the time designated for receipt of bids, a faxed copy addressed to me must be received by not later then 10:00AM local time Thursday following the Wednesday letting. Send them to the plan room fax machine at (804) 786-2788. The original must then be mailed to the Civil Rights Division immediately.

Any bid with DBE Requirements not accompanied by a C-111 sent according to one of the above methods will be deemed incomplete and subsequently rejected.

Don Silies
Contract Engineer

Expedite DBE Commitment Instructions - WORD file Word

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