Bid Results and The Ballot

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The bid reading typically starts around 10:15 a.m. and bids are placed on line, here, approximately 11:45 a.m. depending on the amount of bids, as well as bidders.

Construction Bid Opening Video Streaming via YouTube

You can also view Bid Results using the Bid Express Web Site in REAL TIME!

Policy Regarding the Contingency Letting Dates

If you wish to review the three lowest bidders item prices you will find them on our Bid Tabulations home page.


Bid Date Awarded
Under 5 million
Over 5 Million
June 22
May 25
March 23 BALLOT
March 9
February 23 BALLOT
February 2 BALLOT
January 19, 2022 BALLOT BALLOT
January 12, 2022 BALLOT BALLOT






Page last modified: June 22, 2022