Cost Estimation Office

2-Day Cost Estimating Workshop (2022) Classroom Material
These training modules were the information provided to the classroom attendees for the 2- Day Estimation workshops done in 2022.  They contain the presentations, exercises and reference materials for the workshop.    

Modules Presentations Resources Exercises Presentation Video
Module 1 Introduction
Module 2 Estimating Terms and Definitions

Module 3 Cost Estimating Process

Module 4A R/W Cost Estimates
Utility Cost Estimates
Module 4 Conceptual Cost Estimating
Module 5 Bid -Based Estimating
Module 6 Cost-Based Estimating
Module 7 Risk-Based Contingency Estimating Video
Module 8A VDOT Oversight on LAPS
Module 8 Cost Estimate Workbook (CEWB) Video
Module 9 Estimate Documentation Cost Estimate Package

Cost Estimate Package (CEP)

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