Traffic Engineering

Hampton Roads District Allowable Lane Closure Hours:

The purpose of this document is to provide standard allowable hours for the following operations:

  • Work beyond the shoulder
  • Shoulder closures
  • Lane closures
  • Full directional closures
  • Ramp closures
  • Managed lane closures

The document also provides a standard procedure to follow when work cannot be completed within the allowable hours.

Adherence to this document does not constitute approval to implement a shoulder, lane or full directional closure.  In addition to these guidelines and before the approval of any closure, the following should be considered:

  • Scheduled water crossing closures expected to change traffic patterns
  • Expected traffic impacts (if working outside the allowable hours)
  • Adjacent and/or nearby active work zones
  • Special events/holidays expected to increase traffic volumes
  • The importance and/or urgency of the work

Segment Numbered Line Diagram

The Segment Numbered Line Diagram maps the segment areas and their associated numbered segments (interchange to interchange) referenced in the Hampton Roads Allowable Lane Closure Document.  

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Page last modified: April 7, 2022