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Things to Remember When Working on Locally Administered Projects

  • To initiate the agreement process, a locality submits a request to administer form to the local residency administrator or urban program manager for Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) review.

    Once approved by the agency's chief engineer, VDOT will begin to draft the project agreement. Any work a locality seeks reimbursement for should begin after the agreement has been executed.

  • State Environmental Review Process (SERP) must be processed by VDOT on all VDOT-funded projects administered by localities, except for those receiving money exclusively through the Enhancement Program. 
    More information on environmental requirements is available here.

  • The federal USDOT-FHWA civil rights provisions must be processed by VDOT on all federally funded projects administered by localities.

    More information on civil rights requirements is available at http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/civilrights/index.htm.

    More information on civil rights requirements is available here.

  • If a locality utilizes more than $500,000 from federal sources in a year and administers any federally funded highway projects, it must comply with the audit requirements of Office of Management and Budget Circular Number A-133 and must provide the results of any such audit to VDOT. 

  • If the project utilizes federal funds, the approval and review process it must follow is identical to a state administered federally funded project. Local Assistance Division has developed a checklist Adobe Reader that must be completed by all localities working on federally funded locally administered projects. The checklist can be modified for state funded projects and is recommended for all projects.

  • For all funding sources, except the various access programs and the Revenue Sharing Program, the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) must concur with the project’s award for construction if the total amount is over $2 million. If under $2 million, the state transportation commissioner may concur in the award.

    The Scheduling and Contracting Division must be able to review the advertising documents (including project estimates) and the locality’s proposed award before the first Thursday of the month so that the award may make it to the CTB that month.


Page last modified: Oct. 30, 2019