Local Assistance Division

Arlington and Henrico County Secondary
Construction and Maintenance Payments

Unlike other counties in Virginia, Arlington and Henrico counties do not have state-maintained secondary highways.  Instead, these counties maintain their own systems of local roads. Section 33.2-366 of the Code of Virginia sets out the process for determining the amount that the state pays these counties for the maintenance and construction of their local road systems annually. The 2013 General Assembly established a new base amount for maintenance of $17,218 per lane-mile for Arlington and $12,529 per lane-mile for Henrico. 

These amounts are then adjusted annually to account for inflation by multiplying the annual rate per category using the base rate of growth planned for the Department’s Highway Maintenance and Operations program.  

The construction allocations received by each county are determined in the same manner as the amount for other counties (80 percent based upon population and 20 percent based upon county size).  The construction payment to these counties is then reduced by the percentage of funds that come from federal sources, as this money is reserved for federal projects in each county and called the County Federal Escrow Fund.

In accordance with §§ 46.2-1140.1, 46.2-1143, 46.2-1148, and 46.2-1149.1 of the Code of Virginia, (1950), as amended in 2012, beginning in FY14, overweight permit fee revenue will be distributed on the basis of lane mileage to localities along with their quarterly maintenance payments.  A copy of the approved mileage and payment is below.

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