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Locally Administered Projects 'Starter Pack' (Getting Started Guide)

The starter pack was developed to improve local governments' understanding of the requirements associated with administering a transportation project.  

The starter pack is coined as a “Beginners Guide to Locally Administered Projects,” and is intended as a getting-started resource for local government project managers and others that may be new or have limited familiarity with the expectations and requirements to administer a transportation project.  

The guide briefly outlines the major components, processes and procedures necessary to administer a transportation project, but should NOT be used as a substitute to the comprehensive Locally Administered Projects Manual. 

Lap - Map

LAP - MAP is an intelligent flowchart-based navigational tool to guide users through the locality administered project development and delivery processes.  LAP-MAP consists of two sections: A project "selector" tool which asks five basic project characteristic questions, conveniently listed in drop-down menus. Based on the users input, the tool will automatically take the user to the applicable project development and delivery process flowchart.  The flowchart provides a detailed outline of the necessary steps required for the respective project development and delivery process according to the input provided in the selector tool. The LAP-MAP flowchart shows each step and includes hyperlinks to the appropriate page or form in the LAP Manual.  In addition, LAP-Map employs user friendly graphics, hints and reminders to the project manager and also incorporates VDOT’s Project Web Access (PWA) schedule activity numbers.  LAP-MAP promises to be a useful tool for both the novice and experienced project manager to assist in project development, delivery, close out and audit.  

LAP-Map is NOT to be used  as a substitute to the actual Locally Administered Projects (LAP) Manual, but is intended to provide the user a quick resource in locating specific project information/guidance/

Please note that not all of the possible projects combinations are mapped. Nine scenarios are available that represent the most commonly used.

Please click the LAP-MAP icon below to start.

Instruction how to use LAP-MAP

  1. Click on LAP-MAP icon
  2. Select open
  3. This will take you to the LAP-MAP Project Selector (excel file). This is the first section of the LAP-MAP.
  4. There are five basic questions, which are conveniently listed in a pull-down menu regarding the project characteristics.
  5. After selecting the appropriate responses from the pull-down menu questions, you will see the name of related project process flow-chart pop up automatically; e.g. “Project Process Type X flow-chart” right below the selection table on right.    
  6. On the left you will see a box “Display Map”.
  7. Click “Display Map” and this will take you to proper project process flow chart.
  8. On the top left corner, you will see the project characteristics which you selected. This is a confirmation to ensure you are using the appropriate project flow-chart for your specific project type.
  9. The LAP-MAP flow chart provides a detailed outline of all necessary steps required for project delivery from the very beginning (RtA/Agreement) to the very end construction completion (LAP C-5) and project closeout.
  10. LAP-MAP shows each step with a hyper-links to the appropriate page or form in the LAP Manual.
  11. You may also save the project flow-chart to your computer or network, and if you have Adobe Pro you are able to add your own project specific notes onto the flowchart.

Locally Administered Projects Manual

The Local Administered Projects Manual (LAP Manual) serves as guidance for localities and other entities choosing to administer qualifying projects in Virginia. This manual outlines requirements regarding the use of federal aid and state aid associated with LAP development and project delivery phases, including stewardship and oversight tasks for assigned VDOT personnel. Using a risk-based approach, the format of the LAP Manual describes roles, responsibilities, and references pertinent to satisfying LAP federal/state requirements from project initiation through project closeout.

The highway laws of Virginia have been recodified, effective Oct. 1, 2014. Section 33.1 has been re-numbered to Section 33.2.

If you have questions, comments, or suggested changes to the Locally Administered Projects Manual, contact Lloyd.Arnold@vdot.virginia.gov, Kurt.Kuppert@vdot.virginia.gov or Jonathan.Liss@vdot.virginia.gov

Click here to view the "comprehensive" version of the manual. This is a byte-intensive document. Further, use the bookmark navigation to move between chapters. If the user clicks on a link external to the chapter they are in, they will be directed to the individual chapter of the LAP Manual.

Click the PDF icons pdf in the table below to access the individual manual chapters.

Detailed Updates




Clean Version of Proposed Updates

Markup Version of Proposed Updates

Table of contents

Feb. 2020

 554 KB


June 2021

pdf 602 KB

Part 1- Program development



1. VDOT policy

Feb. 2020

pdf 106 KB

2. Qualifications for
federal- and state-aid
project administration

March 1, 2016

pdf 144 KB

3. Roles and responsibilities

Feb. 2020

pdf 628 KB

4. Resources for
local governments

Jan. 2020

pdf 593 KB

5. State-funded projects
and special programs

March 2021

pdf 338 KB

Chapter 5 - Clean

Chapter 5 - Mockup

 6. Certification program (Reserved)

Oct. 1,

pdf 100 KB

7. Assessment / audit
program requirements

Feb. 25,

pdf 715 KB

 8. Project initiation
and authorization

Dec. 18,

pdf 610 KB

 9. Project development
overview / summary

Feb. 2020

pdf 209 KB

Part 2- Project management



10. Project administration
and agreements

Feb. 2020

pdf 241 KB

 11. Consultant

Feb. 2018

pdf 305 KB

 12. Project

March 2021

pdf 1 MB

Chapter 12 - Clean

Chapter 12 - Mockup

13. Project delivery

Sept. 2019

pdf 1 MB

Chapter 13 - Clean

Chapter 13 - Mockup

14. Project

Sept. 2019

pdf 762 KB

Part 3- Standards
and practices for
locally administered



15. Environmental

June 2021

pdf 462 KB

16. Right of Way
 and Utilities

March 2021

pdf 1 MB

17. Civil rights
and disadvantaged
business enterprises

Feb. 2018

pdf 554 KB

18. Structure
and bridge

March 1, 2016

pdf 333 KB

19. Financial
management /

Dec. 20,

pdf 620 KB

Part 4 - Examples
of LPA submission



Examples of LPA s

Feb. 2021

pdf 23 MB

Test map


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