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Electronic Plan Submission Process Flow Chart

The Electronic Plan Submission Process Flow Chart diagram is a semi-interactive flow chart for use by all Preliminary Engineering Divisions and Consultants. It outlines the steps necessary to properly follow for each milestone in the plan development process from preliminary field inspection to construction for plans that are submitted electronically.

The PDF diagram is an abbreviated version of the process that is color coded for each milestone and acts as a check list of actions to follow for each milestone. More detailed information is provided in the links that go to the reference-guides / how - to documents for Project Managers and the C.O. Plan Coordination Section, if applicable, to review particular tasks (i.e., archiving, revisions, etc.) in each milestone. The diagram serves as an at-glance, easy to follow guide that will in the end make delivering construction drawings electronically more cost effective, consistent, and an overall better product.

Page last modified: Oct. 18, 2019