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VDOT Hydraulics/Drainage Training  

The CADD Support Section is responsible for scheduling and conducting Automated Engineering Software Training.      
Training Manuals and Datasets are available in ProjectWise. If you do not have access to ProjectWise please complete the LD-899 and ITD-36E forms and e-mail the completed forms to Location and Design CADD Support Helpdesk.


 Course Description 

GEOPAK Drainage Training

This course will cover the basic skills needed for use of the Geopak Drainage software, as applied to VDOT Storm Sewer design.
The primary objectives of this course are:
• To encourage and support the use of Geopak Drainage as a design tool.  The inclusion of Drainage (Storm Sewer) Profiles into the construction plan assembly
• The inclusion of Drainage (Storm Sewer) graphics and information on the construction x-sections.

Additionally, the course will address recent enhancements made for VDOT involving: 
• Extensive modifications/changes to the configuration files (drainage cells, drainage library, D&C manager database)
• The re-working of 3 existing and creation of 9 new VBAs (Visual Basic Applications) that will help to streamline and support, in Geopak Drainage, the workflow process essential to VDOT drainage design.

Stormwater Systems Design using PondPack Stormwater Systems Design using PondPack - 3 Days
Training series is to present stormwater fundamentals through hands-on software training for PondPac. Through creating and running models, attendees review the theory and principles that underlie this program.
• Students use virtually every PondPac feature as they are lead through a range of watershed scenarios from simple to complex situations. Through realistic examples, the instructor presents the fundamentals of stormwater hydrology, from the Rational Method to more sophisticated unit hydrograph methods. Attendees are shown how to apply their own local rainfall design storms to various drainage calculations.
• Additional exercises explore time of concentration, infiltration, runoff, and routing. Finally, students learn and apply a systematic step-by-step process for designing detention ponds – from blank page to pond storage estimates, final pond geometry and outlet structure selection. This new version of PondPack V8i brings on a completely new GUI interface, a totally redesigned PondMaker™ interface, includes the ModelBuilder functionality. 
PondPack V8i, Stormwater Systems Design.
Subsurface Utilities Drainage Design (SUDA) Subsurface Utilities Drainage Design (SUDA) - 3 Day Class
After this training users will have an understanding of the following:
• Terrain
• Lay Out Inlets, Pipes, Culverts
• Delineate and Define Catchments
• Perform a System Analysis •Perform a System Design
• Manage varying Design Scenarios
• Generate Reports
• Generate Profiles
• Detect Conflicts with other Utilities
Utility Engineering Training (SUDA) VDOT Utility Engineering Training (SUDA) – 1 Day
Learn to evaluate:
• A file containing utilities, including 3D position and data attributes
• Learn to generate reports, conduct queries and generate profiles
• Learn to create utilities from 2D and 3D survey graphics
• Learn how to lay out proposed utilities, including underground lines and at-grade appurtenances, such as water valves and fire hydrants

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