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Initial ProjectWise Password for CII Access for External Users

After CADD Support has received your completed LD-899 and ITD-36E forms CADD Support will add your Bentley IMS federated account (email address) to our system that is associated to your organization.  You will no longer need a COV domain account, only if you have access to CII sensitive data or another VDOT system that requires a COV account.   

VCCC will entitle your COV domain account for CII access one of two ways.

  1. Send an email to your external email address that they have on file.
  2. The technician will email ProjectWiseEntitlement@vdot.virginia.gov. 

Please remember to let the VCCC analyst know that you are not on VDOT’s network so they will need to set the account up to not force a password change on first login.   

Below is the information needed to reset the password that the VCCC analyst establishes.

Reset External ProjectWise Users Password

Register to reset your password at https://covpasswordreg.vita.virginia.gov/default.aspxYou will have to answer at least four of the security questions they ask. If you forget the answers to these questions then you will need to contact the VCCC to have the questions cleared – you will then need to re-register.     

Once you have registered then you will need to go to https://covpassword.vita.virginia.gov/default.aspx to reset your password. Once you have logged in on the left hand side you should see change my password. 

If you do not change your password or login to your account then your account could be removed. If your account is removed then you are required to start the process for ProjectWise access over.  
Once your domain account is set up you will receive at least two more email regarding ProjectWise. 

  • The first email you will be copied in on – this is just an informational email for you there is nothing for you to do.
  • The second email will be addressed to you – this is to inform you that your ProjectWise access has been granted. If you have not contacted the VCCC by this time then you will need to do the above before you will actually be able to access ProjectWise.

When the access to ProjectWise is granted you will login using COV\yourfirstname.yourlastname (this could be different due to others with similar names) to access the ProjectWise sensitive data source. The password will be your COV password that you set up via https://covpassword.vita.virginia.gov/default.aspx.    

If you have any questions/concerns then feel free to contact the CADD helpdesk at (804) 786-1280 or by email at CADDSupport@VDOT.Virginia.gov.

The link below may help answer some of your questions about ProjectWise and VDOT.

Page last modified: Dec. 8, 2022