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VDOT MicroStation GEOPAK/OpenRoads Training

The CADD Support Section is responsible for scheduling and conducting Automated Engineering Software Training.      
Training Manuals and Datasets are available in ProjectWise. If you do not have access to ProjectWise please complete the LD-899 and ITD-36E forms and e-mail the completed forms to Location and Design CADD Support Helpdesk.   


VDOT Road I 
GEOPAK Road I class is a beginner level road design course for VDOT and consultants. Scheduled for 4 days, it consists of a typical roadway design workflow and enables you to completely design a roadway project. The instruction is fast paced.   

This course is packed with the productivity enhancing features of GEOPAK Road I, including many advanced and VDOT custom features. This course is not designed to replace GEOPAK Road I.
Major topics covered:
• Horizontal & vertical alignments
• Coordinate geometry
• Superelevation
• Earthworks
• Digital terrain models
• Labeling preferences
• Custom applications
• Active chain control
• Site design
• Cross sections
V8i Essentials 
MicroStation V8i Essentials (Full Basic Class) 
After this training users will have an understanding of the following:
• How the new seed files and working units differ from the past.
• What is annotation scale and how it plays a part in design.
• Microstation interface fundamentals including familiarization with menus
  and  tasks, Selector tools and general understanding of how tools are started
  and used in MicroStation environment.
• Usage of MicroStation views, Concepts of 2D versus 3D models and reference files.
• Use of view attributes including the various rendering methods and Project Explorer
V8i Essentials (SELECTseries 2)

MicroStation V8i Essentials (SS2) 2-Day
The MicroStation Basics Full class is designed for the new MicroStation user and builds a solid foundation in the concepts, tools and features found in the MicroStation drawing environment. Starting with setting up a drawing and concluding with plotting, students walk through typical workflows using the tools and features in MicroStation.

Skills Taught:
• Using General Tools
• Defining Element Attributes
• Controlling the Display of Designs ·Using AccuDraw and AccuSnap
• Creating Drawing Elements
• Selecting Elements
• Manipulating Elements
• Modifying Elements
• Working with Cells
• Annotating Designs
• Composing Designs and Drawings
• Printing and Publishing

OpenRoads Civil Cell

OpenRoads Civil Cell

VDOT’s existing Civil Cells have been redesigned to function properly, better organized, improved the reference element prompts, ensure the Civil Cell linear/surface templates have an active link to the template library. The training will be 1.5 days (12 hours course).

Course Objectives:
Understand the fundamental geometric principles behind Civil Cells
• Be aware of all Civil Cell commands
Be familiar with VDOT’s Civil Cell library
Understand the reference element requirements of each Civil Cell type in
  VDOT’s library
Place and edit each Civil Cell type in VDOT’s library
Perform Horizontal and Vertical edits to match project specific geometry
Understand and manage Surface and Linear Templates used in Civil Cells

The Training will include an exercise on one civil cell from each of these categories:
T Intersection
ADA Ramps
Interchange Ramps and Storm Basins

OpenRoads Training

OpenRoads Technology (SELECTseries 4 for VDOT)
This class takes you through the primary civil engineering workflows using OpenRoads technology.

Learn to navigate and evaluate:
• The Design data
• Evaluate Terrain
• Build Horizontal and Vertical Geometry
• Create Corridors
• Use Civil Cells
• Define Superelevation and more

Send your questions and comments to the CADD Support Helpdesk.

Page last modified: March 17, 2023