Location and Design Division

Central Office Telephone and E-mail Directory

If you have questions or comments pertaining to the Location and Design Division or wish to communicate with one of those listed below, here are e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.  



Telephone Number

Emmett Heltzel, P.E State Location and Design Engineer 804-786-0121
Butch Heishman, P.E. Assistant State Location and Design Engineer 804-225-4310
David Beardsley, P.E. Assistant State Location and Design Engineer 804-786-8037
Jason Williams, P.E. Assistant State Location and Design Engineer 804-371-8707
Richard Worssam, P.E. Assistant State Location and Design Engineer 804-786-2501
Rob C. Tieman, P.E. Director, Project Management 0ffice 804-786-5869
Federico Gontaruk, P.E., PTOE State Traffic Design Program Manager 804-343-9046
Joseph P. Koscinski, Jr., P.E. State Geometric Design Engineer 804-225-3934
Victoria (Tory) Bains, P.E. State Hydraulics and Utilities Engineer 804-225-3831 
Eugene Reed Adams, Jr., L.S., E.I.T.  State Survey Program Manager 804-786-2565
Alex Forasté, P.E. State Water Resources Program Manager 804-786-2548 

Lanksford Hankins, P.E. Roadway Design & Special Projects Program Manager   804-786-9726
Vacant CADD Program Manager 

Meredith Harris Division Business Manager 804-786-2502
CADD Support Helpdesk   888-683-0345
Plan Library 804-786-2521
District Location and Design Engineer Title


Tamara Pritchard, P.E. Bristol District Location and Design Engineer 276-669-9935
Michael A. Jacobs, P.E. Culpeper District Location and Design Engineer 540-829-7502
Catherine C. Coffey, P.E. Fredericksburg District Location and Design Engineer 540-899-4280
Emmanuel O. Darko, P.E. Hampton Roads District Location and Design Engineer 757-925-2561
Brian Casto, P.E. Lynchburg District Location and Design Engineer 434-856-8276
Stephen Bates, P.E.   Northern Virginia District Location and Design Engineer 703-259-2949
Jason Williams, P.E. Richmond District Location and Design Engineer
Alex Price, P.E. Salem District Location and Design Engineer 540-378-5053
John-Allen Ennis, P.E. Staunton District Location and Design Engineer 540-332-9118


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