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ProjectWise (PW) Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Why can’t I use ProjectWise Edge on my mobile device?
    ProjectWise Edge has been discontinued and is no longer supported. The replacement is Web Connect and Web View in a full desktop version of a Chromium based browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.  You can also access ProjectWise Web from a mobile device, however this is not actively supported but does work. CADD Support will be establishing Web Connect links in the next few weeks. 10/8/2021  

  • Why was ProjectWise Web Server replaced by ProjectWise Web View?
    ProjectWise Web Server is a deprecated system that works best in Internet Explorer, which is no longer supported.   Web Server is no longer supported by Bentley and uses obsolete technology and is a potential security risk.  10/8/2021  

  • How long does it take to get my ProjectWise account created?
    It usually take 2 to 8 business days after the completed ITD-36E and LD-899 Form have been submitted to VDOT Cadd Support.
  • How do consultants and contractors obtain usernames and passwords for VDOT ProjectWise?
    Please fill out the forms LD-899 and ITD-36E to request your COV domain account (Consultants) or logical account (Contractors) and access to VDOT ProjectWise.
  • What Job Aids are available for ProjectWise?
    Job Aids For ProjectWise

  • How can I reset my ProjectWise/COV domain account password?
    Navigate to https://covpassword.vita.virginia.gov/default.aspx.  Your username will be cov\FirstName.LastName (Network ID) and the current COV password. If you do not recall your password or you have let it expire then you will need to contact the VCCC at (866) 637-8482.
  • How can I reset my ProjectWise logical account password?
    Go to the 'Tools' tab at the top of ProjectWise WEB; then scroll all the way to the bottom of that column to 'Change Password' and enter a new password.
  • What is VITA?
    Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA)
  • What is VCCC and how do I contact them?
    VITA Customer Care Center (VCCC) Phone: (866) 637-8482 (toll free) Email: vccc@vita.virginia.gov
  • What is COV?
    Commonwealth of Virginia
  • What is VDOT CADD Support and how do I contact them?
    VDOT CADD Support is the ProjectWise business owner and administrators of the system. Phone: (804) 786-1280 Toll Free: (888) 683-0345 Email: CADDSupport@VDOT.Virginia.gov
  • I am a supplier. What box should I check on the LD-899 form?
    Check “Bidding/Construction Contractor”
  • What version of ProjectWise will VDOT be using?
    Currently using version
  • What version of MicroStation, GEOPAK, OpenRoads etc. will VDOT be using in the ProjectWise environment?
    The current SS10 versions will be continue to be utilized.
  • Will there be a managed workspace in ProjectWise (PW)?
    Yes, VDOT will implement a managed workspace in the near future. VDOT is currently testing and will deploy soon.
  • Will VDOT be utilizing versioning in ProjectWise?
    Not at this time. VDOT may consider using this functionality in the future.
  • Will VDOT being utilizing workflows in ProjectWise?
    Yes, VDOT has established several workflows that will be used in production in the near future.
  • Will VDOT provide PW licenses?
    Yes, this is part of VDOT’s ELS (Enterprise License Subscription).
  • Will VDOT continue to provide licenses of GEOPAK to consultants?

Page last modified: March 2, 2023