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VDOT Survey GEOPAK Training      

The CADD Support Section is responsible for scheduling and conducting Automated Engineering Software Training.      
Training Manuals and Datasets are available in ProjectWise. If you do not have access to ProjectWise please complete the LD-899 and ITD-36E forms and e-mail the completed forms to Location and Design CADD Support Helpdesk.  

VDOT Survey SS4 (Training Review-Open Roads & RW Sheets)

VDOT SS4 Survey Supplemental Training 
VDOT Survey Follow Up Training - 1 Day

1. Review of the field to finish process
2. Review of centerline creation, editing, and annotation using OpenRoads
3. Drawing RW using Civil AccuDraw’s Station-offset option
4. Plan View Labeling
5. Parcel Creation
6. Review merging Terrains
7. Creation of colorized RW sheets using Bluebeam   

Survey SS3 Training VDOT Survey SS3 (Road and Site Design (GEOPAK (SS3) Training)
1. Review of previous Survey Import   
2. Terrain
    a. Best field practices for collecting data
    b. Creating from breaks and spots
    c. Creating from SS3 functionality
    d. Adding spots, breaks or voids to the survey
    e. Editing the surface-New and old tools
    f.  Merging TINS
    g. Volume Reports
    h. Compare Points to TIN   
3. Alignments
    a. Create using survey input methodology(Bearings/Distance)
    b. Create using graphics
    c. Annotation
    d. Locking
    e. Reporting
    f.  Importing of .cl from data collector
    g. Exporting alignment info to .cl to data collector

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