Location and Design Division

Highway Plan Reading  

This guide is in PowerPoint and WORD97 for viewing on your computer.  It will familiarize the reader with the information in, and the layout of, a set of highway plans.

The PowerPoint version is in Imperial units and consists of four parts. To view the presentation just click on the desired Part and use the left mouse button or Page Down/Up keys to view the slide. The right scroll bar is also available to move around in PowerPoint. "Back" will exit the presentation at any time. "Full screen" presents a larger view of each slide.       


PART ONE - sheet numbering and title sheet information

PART TWO - symbols, plan and profile sheets and horizontal alignment

PART THREE - curve data, bearings, equality and profiles

PART FOUR - typical sections, cross sections and answers to questions   

The WORD documents may be Viewed on the computer as Page Layout or printed. There are approximately 50 pages in each of these WORD documents. The guide is in METRIC or IMPERIAL units.
Please contact Policies and Procedures at (804) 786-8287 with suggestions or questions.

Page last modified: Nov. 13, 2023