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VDOT ProjectWise Downloads

VDOT Bentley ProjectWise Explorer Software Download and Installation Instructions.
ProjectWise is a software application that manages project drawings and other project data; and facilitates project collaboration between VDOT and consultant project team members. The ProjectWise Explorer application is provided free of charge for consultants working on VDOT projects.    
Download the Installation Packages
The installation package for VDOT’s ProjectWise Explorer (Thick Client) is available on the ProjectWise Web site.
If you have the Thick Client already loaded you can skip down to setting up the Data Resource.    
You Must have Requested and receive a ProjectWise Account with login information from VDOT before Proceeding On.

Use the following procedure in order to download the Installation package:

  • You will need to download and extract the zip file (keeping all files in one folder)
  • Execute the VDOT_ProjectWise_Consultant_Install.exe.
  • Upon successful completion of the ProjectWise install, execute the
    VDOT_ProjectWise_Outside_Datasource.reg file.

Click on the following link, if that does not work copy and paste the path in your browser address bar. https://projectwise.vdot.virginia.gov/default.aspx?default=ECObjects%7cBentley_DMS%7cDMSFolder%7c670


Browser Settings

Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox are supported browsers that can be used to access ProjectWise Web Server with limited functionality.  The ProjectWise Web Server interface requires ActiveX controls for full functionality.  Internet Explorer is the only browser supporting ActiveX controls and therefore is recommended for use with ProjectWise Web Server.    

Download Multiple files in ProjectWise Web (CABB Users)

The (https://projectwise.vdot.virginia.gov) domain should be added to the Trusted Sites list in Internet Options. The Virginiadot.org domain should also be added to the Compatibility View Settings.
To enable multiple document download requires that the ProjectWise Web Server Client Components be installed. These components are ActiveX controls that can be automatically installed when the appropriate browser and settings are used.  Internet Explorer is the only browser that supports ActiveX controls.

Clicking on a link presents the user with a logon page for ProjectWise.  Choose the Location, Enter the credentials for the COV account obtained for access. The User Name includes the COV domain and should be in this format: cov\first.lastname, where first.lastname is the account name.    


Please click on the VDOT_ProjectWise_Consultant_Install.zip.

Then Click (Save) or you may just get a downloading message.

Once downloaded please navigate to the location in Windows Explorer.  This should default to your Downloads Folder.

Extract the files out to a directory on your local drive again keeping all these files in the same directory as you see here.
Execute the VDOT_ProjectWise_Consultant_Install.exe
It will open a blue screen and should run with no interaction then disappear when completed.  Do not do anything until it has disappeared.

A shortcut should appear on your desktop for ProjectWise Explore

To set the VDOT Data Source Up

Execute the VDOT_ProjectWise_Outside_Datasource.reg file or you can key in the Data Source using these instructions.    

Open the Control Panel 

  • For Windows 7, click Start icon, scroll to Control Panel
  • For Windows 8 or 10, right click on Start, select Control Panel

Make sure the control panel View By option is set to Category.

Open the Network and Internet option.


Open the ProjectWise Network option.  This will open the ProjectWise Network Configuration Settings.

On the General Tab, ensure the Prevent UDP for DNS and Listing is checked.

DNS Services Tab

Name:  projectwise.vdot.virginia.gov (This is just a name, it can be anything you want)
Hostname:  projectwise.vdot.virginia.gov
Port:  6443


Datasource Listing Tab

Name:  projectwise.vdot.virginia.gov (This is just a name, it can be anything you want)
Hostname:  projectwise.vdot.virginia.gov
Port:  6443


Send your questions and comments to the CADD Support Helpdesk.  A trouble ticket will be created and you will get a return email with an assigned case number.

Page last modified: July 12, 2021