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Manual of Instructions (MOI) by Chapter:

I: General Instructions
II: Methods and Frequencies of Sampling
III: Geotechnical Engineering
IV: Sampling and Control of Hydraulic Cement Concrete
V: Sampling and Control of Asphalt Concrete

VI: Pavement Design and Evaluation
VII: Materials Acceptance and Materials Notebook Program
VIII: Reports and Forms
IX: Technical Tables and Related Data

Materials Division Memorandums (MDs):

MD 440-21 Chapter IV: Hydraulic Cement Concrete

MD 442-21 Manual of Instructions Chapter I Section 112.01

MD 444-21 Joint Materials

MD 445-21 Revision to Virginia Test Method; VTM-22

Approved Lists:

Approved Lists (pdf 4MB) Updated October 7, 2021
Pre-Approved NCHRP 350 Crash Tested List (Barriers) (pdf 90 KB)
Pre-Approved Traffic Control Device Listing (link)

Virginia Calibration Methods (VCMs): 

Virginia Calibration Methods (pdf 857KB) March 8, 2018

Virginia Test Methods (VTMs):

Virginia Test Methods (pdf 8 MB) August 17, 2021

CMA Certification Study Guide Chapter 3 Testing Procedures

VDOT Forms including Materials TL (Test Log) Forms

VDOT forms (link)

Materials Documentation

Source of Materials Resource Document (pdf 404 KB) Sept. 10, 2017

Bonded Weigh Program Training Manual (pdf) March, 2018

Radiation Protection Program Manual (pdf 3MB) Mar. 26, 2021

Materials Notebook Resource Document (pdf 2 MB) March 16, 2015 

Locally Administered Projects Manual Updates and Materials Quality Assurance Plan Requirements May 11, 2015

Materials Overview for Business Transformation Office

Geotechnical Design Parameters for Retaining Walls, Sound Barrier Walls and Non-Critical Slopes

Geotechnical Software Support

Customized gINT Library, Data Templates, and MicroStation Converter (zip 129 MB) Updated May 7, 2020

Documentation (pdf 837 KB)

Pavement Design and Evaluation Documents:

AASHTOWare Pavement ME Pavement Design Input Files

Conferences and Seminars

Balanced Mix Design Just-in-Time Training

Link to VDOT Balanced Mix Design Just-in-Time training held on May 11, 2021 (on VAA's YouTube page)

2021 Asphalt Regional Seminars

2021 Asphalt Regional Seminars (click link)

2020 Asphalt Regional Seminars

2020 VDOT VAA asphalt regional seminar AGENDA
2020 VDOT VAA asphalt seminar - VDOT answers to questions


2020 Resurfacing Contract Administration and requirements, Mike Coffey
Asphalt Density Method A and B Application, Todd Rorrer
Balanced Mix Design Update, Sungho Kim
Bridge Postings, Christopher Williams
Compaction keys for a consistent and dense mat, Trenton Clark
eConstruction, Dakota Clifford
MITS PLAID data comparisons and 2020 Spec Changes, Sungho Kim
Pavement Safety Wedge, Cole
Paving Inspection points, Bryan Smith
Plastic Inlaid Markers Industry perspective, VAA
Plastic Inlaid Markers, Marc Lipschultz
What would you do, a collaborative approach, Don French and David Lee

2021 Virginia Concrete Virtual Conference

Day One - Opening Remarks 2021 VA Conference


Day One - VDOT Policy & Standards Updates

Day One - WV Route 30 Concrete Overlay

Day One - Value Proposition / Reinforced Concrete Pipe

Day One - Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge Project

Day One - The Effects of Market Concentration & Competition in the Paving Sector

Day Two - I-95 Rappahannock River Crossing

Day Two - ABC State of Practice for Design & Construction Provisions

Day Two Georgia and South Carolina Bonded Concrete Intersection Experience

Day Two - EDC-6 Project on Concrete Overlays

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