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Manual of Instructions (MOI) by Chapter:

I: General Instructions
II: Methods and Frequencies of Sampling
III: Geotechnical Engineering
IV: Sampling and Control of Hydraulic Cement Concrete
V: Sampling and Control of Asphalt Concrete

VI: Pavement Design and Evaluation
VII: Materials Acceptance and Materials Notebook Program
VIII: Reports and Forms
IX: Technical Tables and Related Data

Materials Division Memorandums (MDs):

MD 453-23: Manual of Instructions Chapter III – Geotechnical Engineering

MD 459-23: Castings on Approved List 61

Approved Lists:

Approved Lists (pdf 4MB) Updated May 4, 2023
Pre-Approved NCHRP 350 Crash Tested List (Barriers) (pdf 90 KB)
Pre-Approved Traffic Control Device Listing (link)

Virginia Calibration Methods (VCMs): 

Virginia Calibration Methods (pdf 857KB) March 8, 2018

Virginia Test Methods (VTMs):

Virginia Test Methods (pdf 8 MB) January 18, 2023

CMA Certification Study Guide Chapter 3 Testing Procedures

VDOT Forms including Materials TL (Test Log) Forms

VDOT forms (link)

Materials Documentation

Concrete Field Pocket Guide- version 1 

Bonded Weigh Program Training Manual (pdf) March, 2018 

Radiation Protection Program Manual (pdf 3MB) Mar. 26, 2021

Materials Notebook Resource Document (pdf 2 MB) March 16, 2015 (508) 

Locally Administered Projects Manual Updates and Materials Quality Assurance Plan Requirements May 11, 2015

Geotechnical Design Parameters for Retaining Walls, Sound Barrier Walls and Non-Critical Slopes

Geotechnical Software Support

Customized gINT Library, Data Templates, and MicroStation Converter (zip 129 MB) Updated May 7, 2020

Documentation (pdf 837 KB)

Pavement Design and Evaluation Documents:

AASHTOWare Pavement ME Pavement Design Input Files

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