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The Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act was signed into law December 4, 2015. It was the first long-term transportation bill passed since SAFETEA-LU, running five (5) years through September 30, 2020. This legislation was significant in that it continued the former Transportation Enhancement program’s long history of improving non-motorized transportation that began in 1991 with passage of ISTEA. A continuing resolution was signed October 1, 2020 extending the FAST Act for one (1) additional year.

This reimbursement program is intended to help local sponsors fund community based projects that expand non-motorized travel choices and enhance the transportation experience by improving the cultural, historical and environmental aspects of the transportation infrastructure. The program does not fund traditional roadway projects nor does it provide maintenance for these facilities. Instead it focuses on providing pedestrian and bicycle facilities, community improvements and mitigating the negative impacts of the highway system. The Transportation Alternatives Set-aside builds upon the legacy of the TE program by expanding non-motorized travel choices, strengthening the local economy, improving the quality of life and protecting the environment. Popular projects include bicycle and pedestrian trails, preservation of historic transportation structures including train depots and lighthouses, as well as roadway pull-offs and overlooks!

NEW – The Commonwealth Transportation Board approves the FY23 / 24 federal Transportation Alternatives selections.  A complete list of awards can be found below under –Program Allocations.

Ready, Set, Go! Transportation Alternatives Grant Program
VDOT is excited to provide a pilot grant program designed to assist Virginia's smaller population local partners in identifying, evaluating, and reporting achievable, affordable, and targeted non-motorized improvements. If selected for funding, a consultant-led team will assist <50,000 population communities to prepare for their potential FY25-26  Transportation Alternatives application (next round begins in Spring 2023). These project evaluations will provide the preliminary information needed to apply for federal Transportation Alternatives funding.
  • Eligibility is limited to non-MPO communities with a 2020 census population of <50,000
  • Application deadline: Friday, October 21, 2022
  • Award announcements are expected November 4, 2022. Ready, Set, Go!

Application Documentation:

The following forms may be needed in order to successfully submit a TA pre-application and / or TA full application for consideration:

Request to Administer  – this form provides details to evaluate the applicant’s experience and resources for administering a federal-aid project. This form must be completed and provided as an attachment to the pre-application IF the applicant anticipates administering the TA project if funding is awarded.

Scheduling Tool – by entering an estimated start date for project development the tool will provide a tentative development schedule including estimated phase dates (PE / RW / CN).   The completed schedule must be printed and uploaded as an attachment to both the pre-application and full application.

Third-Party Contribution Plan – this form will require that you provide details regarding the proposed non-cash third-party contributions to be used as all or part of the local match requirement.  The completed form must be printed and uploaded as an attachment to both the pre-application and full application IF the applicant proposes to utilize contributions for all and part of the 20% local match.

Cost Estimate Template – this provides an example of the detail required for the cost estimate provided as part of the pre-application and full application.  Each project is unique, but there are many details that will be common to all projects. To ensure that the appropriate level of detail is provided, it is strongly recommended that this template be followed when developing your cost estimate.

Full Application:  Note that when submitting the full application, a local resolution, evidence of an advertised public participation meeting, and possibly an MPO endorsement (if project is in an MPO area), are required to be included as attachments in order for the submission to be successful. 

Safe Routes to School NON-INFRASTRUCTURE applicants:

For entities interested in applying for TA funding on Safe Routes to School (SRTS) non-infrastructure projects such as SRTS coordinator salaries, training materials and promotional activities, VDOT requires the applicant to have a full-time staff member who has successfully completed the below listed Qualifications course modules. You will note that this is a modified course listing based on the fact that the project being applied for does not include infrastructure improvements and will not require construction activities --
1 - Course Title: Virginia Department of Transportation Policy
2 - Course Title: Qualifications for Federal-Aid Project Administration
3 - Course Title: Roles and Responsibilities
4 - Course Title: Project Initiation and Authorization
5 - Course Title: Project Administration Agreements

Your completion of these required online training modules will register you for one additional virtual training to be held this fall with a focus on invoice reimbursement. Please use the link below to complete the qualifications training.


Transportation Alternatives Program Information

Program Allocations

Fiscal Years 2023 and 2024 Final TAP Allocations
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