Right of Way and Utilities

Cost Estimate Guide

Preparing cost estimates appropriately is key to the success of our program. This guide to our cost estimate process may help those outside the agency. 


Consulting Services

The Consulting Services Program is responsible for administering contracts for the performance of right of way services (appraisal, appraisal review, negotiations, and relocation services) to supplement our staff.

The program administers "non-professional" contracts. Only pre-qualified firms are eligible to submit proposals for these contracts. 


The Appraisal Program develops development of appraisal reports that establish the fair market value of properties being acquired for highway construction projects.


The Acquisition Program secures real property, not only through voluntary conveyances, but also through eminent domain.


The Relocation Program manages services and benefits to coordinate, as much as possible, the timely and successful relocation of displaced people and re-establishment of businesses.

Property Management

The Property Management Program handles and disposes of residue properties and surplus rights of way.


The Rail Section coordinates activities for the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to obtain necessary right-of-entry agreements, grade-crossing agreements and project railroad agreements on time.

The section also provides guidance and direction to VDOT regarding railroad activities.

Special Projects

The Special Projects section oversees the right-of-way acquisition for Design-Build, Public-Private Partnerships and locally administered projects.

Utility Program Management

The utility program manager is responsible for utility relocations being performed in a timely manner.

Contact Information

Nine district offices serve specific localities.

Page last modified: July 20, 2023