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Right of Way Use Fee Information

On July 1, 1998, changes to the Code of Virginia providing for the establishment of a public right of way use fee to cover the use of highway and street right of way by certificated providers of telecommunication services became effective.

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is responsible, under 56-468.1, for calculating the monthly fee per access line and reporting it to all affected localities and certificated providers of local exchange telephone services. 

All telecommunication companies affected by this legislation should take the necessary steps to include the charge on their billings and to submit collections to the appropriate governmental entity. 

Monies due VDOT should be sent to:

Virginia Department of Transportation
Fiscal Division, 3rd floor
Attention: Cash receipts office
1221 E. Broad St., Richmond, Virginia, 23219

The Use Fee FAQ should be reviewed first as it probably will answer most questions. The remaining documents, along with the links, contain information that might be of a more general use.

Use Fee Documents


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For more information about use fees, contact:

Kimberly Leckner, Program Manager, Right of Way and Utilities Division
Email: Kimberly.Leckner@vdot.virginia.gov

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