VDOT Traffic Engineering Division

Specifications & Standards Training

The purpose of these training modules are to promote the consistent application of standards and specifications for traffic control devices. Consistent applications of standards is a foundational philosophy of the Department’s Statewide Alignment objective to align infrastructure, programs, and policies. It’s important to always review the latest version of the standards and specifications before beginning design or inspection.

The training content focuses on the design perspective, relevant to Specifications Section 700 & Standards Section 1300, but is also useful to inspectors and construction personnel. The training is accessible below in 6 modules available by video and PowerPoint PDFs.     
Module 1: Understanding the Specifications and Standards
Instructor: Michelle Cavucci (VHB)
Length: 16:41
Content: Defining and understanding the purpose of the specifications and standards;  their relationship to each other, and related documents. Additional content includes: the vetting process for product use, effective dates for updates, and pre-approved product list. 

Module 2: Signs
Instructor: Marc Lipschultz (VDOT)
Length: 35:38
Content: Understanding specifications and standards for sign panels, sign colors, post types, foundations, mounting heights, and lateral placement. Additional content include:  exit ramp signing details, the sign removal process, recently added, larger square tube sign posts, pay item updates, and overhead sign lighting policy.   
Module 3: Pavement Markings
Instructor: Chris Daily (VHB)
Length: 1:24:20
Content: Understanding recent standards updates, quantity calculations, black contrast markings, retro-reflectivity, materials, and paint types and attributes. Additional content includes: plastic inlaid markers (PIMs), paving schedules, and surface type considerations.
Video PDF
Module 4: Ancillary Structures
Instructor: Michelle Cavucci (VHB)
Length: 51:28
Content: Understanding the latest AASHTO and VDOT specifications, and VDOT standards for ancillary structures including signal poles, lighting poles, pedestal poles, overhead sign structures, foundations and test bores. Additional content includes: geographic considerations
in structural design, handholes, and anchor bolts.
Video PDF
Module 5: Signals
Instructor: Christine Potocki (VHB)
Length: 34:33
Content: Understanding signal equipment, communications, and timing.s Additional content also include: testing processes, APS and pedestrian actuation, sign mounting, junction boxes, and high visibility signal backplates (HVSB).
Video PDF

Module 6: Electrical Service & Lighting
Instructor: Michelle Cavucci (VHB)
Length: 11:53
Content: Understanding electrical service updates, grounding terms, and LED lighting.
Video PDF



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