Local Assistance Division

VDOT’s Local Programs Policy


    • Letter to localities announcing new policy Adobe Reader (25KB)
    • Survey

      As part of the implementation plan for the recently adopted Locally Administered Programs and Projects Policy, VDOT surveyed its major stakeholders: local governments, VDOT project coordinators and consultants to local government. Survey summary Adobe Reader (29KB)
    • FHWA process review
    • FHWA completed a review of practices in several states and summarized findings and recommendations.

      The Administration of Federal-aid Projects by local public agencies: Final report Adobe Reader (366KB)

    • Virginia provided a baseline report that summarized the status of its program. 
                  FHWA baseline review Adobe Reader (282KB)

    • Virginia FHWA process review – In response to the FHWA national review of locally administered projects, VDOT and the VA FHWA office initiated a process review of federally funded locally administered projects in Virginia. 

      Three VDOT districts, five local governments, and seven VDOT Central Office divisions were interviewed as part of the process review. 

  • Locality workshop

    To support implementation of the policy, the Local Assistance Division scheduled a facilitated meeting in May 2008 with representatives of local governments that have had the more active locally administered programs.

    The participants offered many suggestions on ways to enhance the process and assist them with successful project delivery.  Locality workshop summary notes Adobe Reader (25KB)



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