2010 Traffic Data

This index is provided as a simple means to locate and open all of the publications available. It contains links to the actual files for each publication. All of the publications are available in the Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Excel file formats. Simply click on the PDF icon to open the Adobe PDF files or the Microsoft Excel icon to open the Excel spreadsheets and the documents will open in this window. For Jurisdiction and DVMT publications, clicking on the category name will display a separate index of those publications. If your computer does not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on it, you can download it from Adobe’s website: www.adobe.com. It is recommended that you have Acrobat Reader version 5.0 or later to view the documents. The following icon Information is located several times within this document. Clicking on it will take you to a detailed explanation of VMT reporting methodology.

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Primary and Interstate Publications

Average Daily Traffic Volumes with Vehicle Classification Data on Interstate, Arterial and Primary Routes PDF        Excel

Jurisdiction Publications

VMT Publications


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