Slow-Moving Equipment


If you encounter slow-moving equipment on the road, slow down and pay attention. You may save a life!Slow-moving equipment operates at 25 mph or less.

This equipment is used in nearly all aspects of the Virginia Department of Transportation's work, from mowing to plowing to construction. 

However, it may not always be operating in a work zone. You may see this equipment anywhere on our roads.

Signs are not always out to indicate slow-moving equipment is ahead, such as when a work zone is getting ready to set up or has shut down for the day and the equipment is being transported to and from its lot.

When in use and in transit, slow-moving equipment can leave highway workers vulnerable, especially alongside traffic going as fast as 70 mph.

If you see equipment with the slow-moving emblem, slow down, pay attention and only pass when it is safe and legal. 

This may save the life of an operator or motorist.

We want to get everybody where they need to be safely.

In addition to the orange and red reflective triangle emblem, some pieces of slow-moving equipment may have the following to increase visibility:

  • Flashing amber lights
  • Reflective tape
  • Amber beacons.


Page last modified: Dec. 3, 2021