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VDOT leaders challenge our employees to constantly grow and develop. Career development supports our efforts to fill the VDOT talent pipeline, especially in key areas of our business.

Coaching is a critical component of career development at VDOT. Career coaches help employees review their skills, cultivate interests and passions, and grow in their current role as well as prepare for future roles.  

Below are some key positions at VDOT, the skills needed to fill them and ways you can best prepare to carry out the duties involved. If this looks interesting and you would like to further discuss your development at VDOT, contact a career coach (likely your district training manager) and make an appointment to take charge of your future.

Possible intermediate positions for maintenance operations manager, maintenance


Maintenance Operations Manager (MOM) - (TOMIII)

The Maintenance Operations Manager assists the Residency Administrator in the coordination, integration and management of resources allocated to the residency maintenance program. The Maintenance Operations Manager plans and directs residency maintenance operations as well as develops and manages workforce development, maintenance schedules, long-range strategic plans, organizational initiatives and budgets. The Maintenance Operations Manager coordinates and directs emergency operations to include inclement weather and disaster response. Click for more including developmental opportunities.

Maintenance Superintendent (TOMII)

The Maintenance Superintendent plans, develops, delivers and operates all aspects of the Area Headquarters maintenance program in compliance with established schedules and budgets. Click for more including developmental opportunities.

Maintenance Supervisor (Transportation Operations Manager I) - (TOM I)

The Maintenance Supervisor oversees and performs a variety of simple to complex roadway maintenance activities. The Maintenance Supervisor supervises a crew and provides technical guidance to crew members performing maintenance activities and equipment operation. Click for more including developmental opportunities.

Maintenance Crew Leader (TO III)

The Maintenance Crew Leader serves as a member and leader of a work crew performing a combination of skilled equipment operation, preventive maintenance and manual labor tasks in order to maintain Virginia's roadways. Click for more including developmental opportunities.

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