Bicycling and Walking in Virginia

Pedestrian Policy Plan

VDOT completed the Pedestrian Policy Plan. Released in September 2014, this document is a complement to our Bicycle Policy Plan,which was released in September 2011.

The purpose of this plan is to establish a vision for the future of walking in the Commonwealth and to advance the walking element of the Commonwealth Transportation Board’s Policy for Integrating Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodations consistently, appropriately and cost-effectively. The plan addresses the implementation element of both the Bicycle and the Pedestrian Policy Plans. The recommendations in this plan will advance the CTB's Policy more effectively and will involve a wide variety of partners within various divisions of VDOT, as well as stakeholders throughout the Commonwealth. This plan focuses on policy implementation, procedures and programs within VDOT’s authority.


Draft Pedestrian Policy Plan

Pedestrian Policy Plan Abobe Reader(68 MB)

Pedestrian Policy Plan (low resolution) Abobe Reader(10 MB)



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