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U.S. Bicycle Routes

Established in 1978 by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), the United States Bicycle Route System (USBRS) is a network of long-distance cycling routes in the United States  that include shared roadways, on-road accommodations, and off-road shared use paths. On-road segments were selected for lower traffic volumes, posted speed limits, and generally safer riding conditions. As traffic volumes and speeds increase, conditions for biking becomes less safe. VDOT works with regional governments, localities, governments, and advocates to identify safer alternates.

Cue sheets for all Virginia U.S. Bicycle Routes

U.S. Bicycle Route 1

USBR 1 Route Shield

Bicycle Route 1 was established in 1982 as an original U.S. Bicycle Route. When completed, U.S. Bike Route 1 (USBR 1) will run approximately 1,525 miles from Florida to Maine. Along North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Maine, the portion of the route in Virginia is recognized by AASHTO.

The current alignment of as US Bike Route 1 in Virginia follows a similar path as the East Coast Greenway. It is approximately 274 miles long and traverses 21 Virginia localities, including 14 counties, three independent cities, and four incorporated towns.

U.S. Bicycle Route 76

USBR 76 Sign

Bicycle Route 76, a part of the TransAmerica Trail, runs from Missouri to Yorktown. Bikecentennial, a predecessor to U.S. Bike Route 76 (USBR 76), was a series of cross-country bicycle tours in commemoration of the bicentennial of America’s Declaration of Independence. Along with USBR 1, it is one of the two original U.S. Bicycle Routes established by AASHTO.

The current alignment of as US Bike Route 76 is approximately 533 miles long and crosses 38 Virginia localities, including 23 counties, four independent cities, and elven incorporated towns.

U.S. Bicycle Route 176

U.S. Bicycle Route 176 (USBR 176) is a recently designated spur connecting USBR 1 and USBR 76. It starts in the City of Richmond where it connects to USBR 1. USBR 176 ends in southwest Henrico County where it connects to USBR 76. USBR 176 is 17 miles long and runs mostly along the Virginia Capital Trail.

United States Bicycle Route System in Virginia - Interactive Map

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