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What is Crossing Guard Appreciation Day?

Crossing Guard Appreciation Day (CGAD) is a statewide event devoted to saying thank you to those who help students cross the street safely on their way to and from school.

When is Crossing Guard Appreciation Day?

While the Virginia SRTS Program has designated the second Wednesday of February as Crossing Guard Appreciation Day, we encourage schools and communities to plan their own Crossing Guard Appreciation Day on any day that works for them to recognize the valuable role crossing guards play in making safe routes to school a reality.

Do you like to plan ahead? Put these dates on your calendar now for the coming years:

  • Crossing Guard Appreciation Day 2020 - February 12
  • Crossing Guard Appreciation Day 2021 - February 10

How can my school participate in Crossing Guard Appreciation Day?

Whether simple or elaborate, Crossing Guard Appreciation Day events are a great way to acknowledge the value your crossing guard brings to safe travel to school. Your school may choose to say thank you in person, promote the work of your crossing guard in local media, and nominate your crossing guard for Virginia’s Most Outstanding Crossing Guard Award. Click here to see the 2019 winners. More event ideas are available in the Crossing Guard Appreciation Day Learn It. Do It. Live It. which is available for download along with thank you cards, flyers and stickers at the bottom of this page.



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Most Outstanding Crossing Guards of 2019

Ursula Coleman

Ursula Coleman
Venable Elementary (Charlottesville)

Officer Ursula Coleman, the crossing guard at Venable Elementary School, is for many children the first face associated with the school at the beginning of the day and the last as they leave to go home. She greets everyone cheerfully while never wavering a moment from ensuring safety for all. She knows the children, which makes them feel welcomed and valued before they even set foot in the school. To top it off, she is patient, gracious, and excels at keeping our children safe and moving traffic efficiently.

Ursula has drastically changed the safety and efficiency of drop off at Venable. Whenever she is present, parents know their children and their friends are safe and loved by an amazing public servant.

crossing guard

Royce McCoy
Great Bridge Intermediate and High School (Chesapeake)

Royce McCoy, locally known as “Santa Cross,” is an expert at managing traffic flow, backups, and ensuring safety for kids who need to cross. But he might be more well known for his smile. Not a day goes by where Royce McCoy’s big smile doesn’t brighten the day of someone walking or driving through the intersection near Great Bridge High School and Great Bridge Intermediate, a two-school campus that serves over 2,200 students combined. Mr. McCoy, a retired firefighter, continues to serve his community as the school's traffic guru and he demonstrates pure happiness every morning and every afternoon during the week.

McCoy received over four pages of comments lauding his kindness, positive attitude, and expertise in managing safety and traffic with a smile. From all these comments, one thing is clear – Mr. McCoy is a treasured and indispensable part of the Chesapeake community. 

Zeleke Taffesse
Taylor Elementary (Arlington)

There are some people who are just extra special. And it's not because they're the loudest or funniest or have the most personality.  It's often because their true human kindness and charm shows through. Zeleke Taffesse from Taylor Elementary School, also known as Mr. Z, fits the bill. What better than to be greeted with a warm, friendly smile and a little bit of positive energy as you are coming or going from school? Whether you're an adult or a child, Mr. Z sees you, looks you in the eye, and greets you from his heart. He is careful. He is watchful.  He takes his job seriously, but above all he is simply a good human whose smile stays with you after it's offered. Mr. Z is awesome!

Mary Randolph
Warrenton Middle School (Warrenton)

Mary Randolph, crossing guard at Warrenton Middle School, has been a crossing guard for 32 years. In fact, she was the first ever crossing guard for Fauquier County Public Schools! During that time, Mrs. Randolph has done more than make children feel safe. She makes them look forward to going to the crossing. She has put her life in danger to stop motorists from harming the children. But mostly, they love her for making them feel seen. She knows their names; she remembers things they tell her about themselves; and she asks specific questions about their lives. They have drawn her pictures and made her art projects for her.

Mrs. Randolph is an incredible soul and one of the most caring people in the world. Her nominators cannot imagine a more deserving civil servant.

Wilma Modlin
Oceanair Elementary (Norfolk)

Wilma Modlin has been serving as crossing guard for Oceanair Elementary School for the past ten years.  Ms. Wilma is an outstanding school crossing guard because the commitment to her students is always evident. Ms. Wilma knows her walkers by name. She knows which students are walking in a direction other than towards their homes. She makes it a point to commend students on their safe and positive behaviors. She even distributes small tokens for holidays to the students. She helps with the bus, traffic congestion, daycare vans, slipping and sliding students, and in any other way she can, always with that signature smile.

Ms. Wilma truly goes above and beyond what is expected of her and is a role model in every sense of the word.

Dina Perry
Belmont Station Elementary (Ashburn) 

Dina Perry goes above and beyond with ensuring the safety of the children and families at Belmont Station Elementary. She takes the time to learn everyone's names and has made a huge impact on so many kids. They have learned so much about safety when crossing streets on foot or on bike. No matter if it’s rain or shine... she brightens our day. Everyone looks forward to seeing Dina!

One afternoon, it started raining really hard with thunder and lightning. The school delayed the dismissal of the students due to the storm, however a parent was already waiting outside. Dina called the parent over and allowed them to sit in her van until students were dismissed to ensure the parent’s safety from the storm as well.  She is an amazing and dedicated member of the community!

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