Coming Soon: Corridor Q: Route 460/121 Poplar Creek Phase B (Buchanan County)

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Proposed Route 460/121 - Poplar Creek Phase B (Buchanan County) construction will include a new two-lane roadway with climbing lanes as needed and a bridge over the railroad and the Levisa Fork. The bridge will be 175-feet tall, making it the second tallest bridge in Virginia. Route 460/121 Poplar Creek B completes Corridor Q  in Virginia. The project is approximately two miles long.

The project is valued at approximately $207 million (preliminary engineering, right of way, project oversight and construction).

Preliminary engineering is currently underway.

View a map of the Route 460/121 coridor here.

A virtual location and design public meeting was held summer 2021 and you can view the documents from that meeting here

Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for Poplar Creek Phase B

Environmental Assessment Poplar Creek Phase B
Indirect and Cumulative Effects Technical Memorandum
Natural Resources Technical Memorandum
Socioeconomics, Land Use and Right of Way Technical Memorandum
Traffic Technical Memorandum


Route 460/121 will provide a modern and safe transportation system for the area and provide better access to health care, open the region for economic development and improve interstate commerce. Additionally, motorists should see a significant reduction of travel times.


Contact Info:

Zac Bailey, Project Manager

Major funding source: Federal Funds

Phase: Preliminary Engineering/Right of Way

UPC: 117808/118490

Lat/Long: 37.273889, -82.164722

Locality: Buchanan

Page last modified: Oct. 31, 2022