In Design: I-81/I-77 interchange safety improvements at Wytheville (Wythe County)

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An open house public hearing is planned for Tuesday, July 11, 2023 from 4-6 p.m. at Wytheville Meeting Center. Learn more here.

The primary purpose of this project is to improve safety where Interstate 77 toward West Virginia meets Interstate 81 at Wytheville.

The project includes extending the off ramp from I-81 north onto I-77 north; extending the off ramp from I-77 south onto I-81 south; constructing a lane between southbound I-77 exit 41 (Peppers Ferry Road) and the I-81 southbound off ramp; and replacing the I-81 bridges over Peppers Ferry Road and the I-81 northbound bridge over I-77 north.


The purpose of the project is to improve safety as well as replace bridges that have reached their useful lifespan.


Contact Info:

Robert Leonard, P.E., Project Manager

Phase: In Design

UPC: 122267

State ID: 0081-139-265,B604,B605,B606,C501,P101,R201

Federal ID: NHPP-0081(415)

Lat/Long: 36.965556, -81.079167

Locality: Wythe

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