In Design: Route 11 and Route 16 intersection improvements in Marion (Smyth County)

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The primary purpose of the project is to improve the turning radius at the intersection of Routes 11 and 16 and improve pedestrian access at the intersection. The intersection is being designed to accommodate vehicles with a 40' wheelbase (small tractor-trailer). Pendleton Street will change to a one-way street from the apartment complex to Route 11.

VDOT held an in-person public meeting and a virtual public meeting for the project in August 2021.


The project will improve the turning radius for accessing economic developments along Route 11 and improve pedestrian access at the intersection. 


Contact Info:

Chase Buchanan, Project Manager

Major funding source: State funding (SMART SCALE Program)

Phase: In Design

UPC: 110798

State ID: 0011-119-811,C501,R201

Federal ID: HSIP-5119(1260)

Lat/Long: 36.833889, -81.517222

Locality: Smyth

Page last modified: Feb. 24, 2022