In Design: Route 23 turn lane/median crossover improvements (Wise County)

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The proposed project will improve safety and how traffic moves on Route 23 by constructing multiple turn lanes and removing two median crossovers along Route 23 in Wise County, near Indian Mountain Trade Center.  Construction highlights include adding: south and northbound left turn lanes at the intersection of Route 23 and Carriage Lane, a southbound left turn lane at the northern entrance to Indian Mountain Trade Center, a northbound right turn lane at the trade center, and a southbound left turn lane at Piggy Went a Smokin' BBQ.  Each turn lane also includes constructing an area for vehicles to line up while waiting to turn.

The median opening at the intersection of Route 23 and Dakota Road will be closed. Left turns will not be permitted onto Route 23 southbound from the trade center entrances. Trade center traffic accessing southbound Route 23 will travel north on Route 23 approximately .25-mile north of Carriage Lane to safely perform a u-turn onto Route 23 southbound.

This portion of Route 23 carries approximately 13,200 vehicles per day. During construction, motorists should anticipate north and southbound closures.

A public meeting for the project was hel December 12, 2022.


The project is anticipated to improve safety.


Contact Info:

Brandi Halloway, Project Manager

Major funding source: 80% federal funding, 20% state funding

Phase: In Design

UPC: 119434

State ID: 0023-097-921,P101,C501

Lat/Long: 37.008889, -82.589444

Locality: Wise

Page last modified: March 25, 2023