In Design: Route 52 (Bland County) Intersection Safety Enhancement

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Access August 25 public meeting documents here. The in-person public meeting will be held Thursday, August 25 from 4-6 p.m. at Bland County Library (697 Main Street in Bland). 

The Route 52 (Bland County) intersection improvement project will improve safety in the vicinity of Route 666 (Indian Village Trail) and Route 614 (Grapefield Road), located just off Interstate 77 at Exit 58.  At the intersection of Routes 52 and 666, the current southbound left-turn lane will be extended to provide 200 feet of storage space to better accommodate truck traffic.  At the intersection of Routes 52 and 614, a left turn lane with 200 feet of storage and 200 feet of taper will be installed to serve Route 52 northbound vehicles turning onto Route 614, and a right turn lane will be added to serve Route 52 southbound vehicles turning onto Route 614.  A northbound left-turn lane and southbound right-turn lane will be added at the interesection of Route 52 and the Bland County Economic Development site entrance.  Advance warning signs will be installed to warn motorists of pedestrians near the Wolf Creek Indian Village and pedestrian trail.


The project will improve safety by improving Route 52 between Grapefield Road and Indian Village Trail, an area located just off Interstate 77 exit 58 which is busy with vehicle and truck traffic. 


Contact Info:

Ron Flanary, Project Manager

Major funding source: State funds

Phase: In Design

UPC: 115470

State ID: 0052-010-832, P101,R201,C501

Federal ID: STP-010-1(042)

Lat/Long: 37.177778, -81.141389

Locality: Bland

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