In Design: Route 65 bridge over Big Branch replacement (Scott County)

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The primary purpose of the project is to replace the Route 65 bridge over Big Branch with a 12x12-foot box culvert.

Since holding the design public hearing in October 2019, VDOT has changed the management of traffic during the project. Instead of a three-day traffic diversion adjacent to the bridge, there will be an approximate 7-day closure of the bridge during June 2023 and traffic will detour using Routes 23, 72, and 71. The detour is approximately 39 miles. There are other local routes passenger vehicles can use during the closure; however, these routes are not suitable for box trucks or tractor-trailers.

In December 2020, VDOT held a virtual online comment opportunity regarding the updates to the traffic management plan described above.


The current bridge was built in 1932 and is nearing its lifespan, bringing about the need for replacement.

Major Milestones 

A public hearing for the project was held October 23, 2019.

An Online Comment Opportunity was conducted December 1 - 10, 2020, and provided updates to the public regarding changes to the traffic management plan since the public hearing was held October 2019.


Major funding source: State funds

Phase: Design

UPC: 114410

State ID: 0065-084-777,P101,R201,M501

Federal ID: BR-084-1(175)

Lat/Long: 36.693333, -82.695833

Locality: Scott

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