In Design: Route 89 realignment (Grayson County)

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The primary purpose of the Route 89 project is to realign the route's intersection with Route 613 in Grayson County, improving safety by realigning the westbound approach of Snow Hill Road (Route 613) and by adding left turn lanes on Route 89.

VDOT held a design public hearing for the project in late September 2021.


Realigning the Route 89/613 intersection will improve safety.


Contact Info:

Ronald Flanary, Project Manager

Major funding source: SMART SCALE

Phase: In Design

UPC: 115480

State ID: 0089-038-791, P101,R201,C501

Federal ID: STP-038-1(166)

Lat/Long: 36.577500, -80.906667

Locality: Grayson

Page last modified: March 25, 2023